Thursday, October 7, 2010

I'm hormonal... not pregnant.

Yup- I'm just plain grouchy, k?

NOT pregnant, but I am a woman, therefore I DO have raging hormones... I'm blaming my grouchiness on that.

Here's the thing- my life is so good. SO SO good. I really have no reason to be unpleasant. But its like "PESSIMIST" is my middle name or something...

The kids have been waking up at UNGODLY hours... I mean, we're talking 5, 6 AM. INSANITY. I can't even remember my name at 5 AM let alone how much milk you put in oatmeal...

My mom being here has thrown us all a bit off- in a good way- don't get me wrong... I am going to probably crawl in a shell for a few days after she leaves and cry- but its kind of like "no rules" around here. For example, this morning, Maeve wanted fruit snacks. It was like 8 or something...and this is how the conversation went:

I said "no. You can have fruit snacks with lunch but not with breakfast."

Maeve then screamed- yes SCREAMED, "I HAVE FRUIT SNACKS RIGHT NOW!"

Me: "Excuse me? That's not how we ask for anything."

Maeve: "Can I please have fruit snacks right now?"

--crosscut to my mom-- "Well she did ask nicely Ash."

GAHHH. 99% of the time I end up letting it go... I mean, Nana's only here for a little bit; might as well live it up. As a result of my passive take on discipline (and everything around here lately) Maeve has quit using the potty (what does that have to do with discipline??? or Nana???). She stays up until 10, 11 at night- this results in plain disaster. Her hair hasn't been brushed in 12 days. I'm really not sure if either kid has had a bath- I mean, I know they've bathed- but whether or not they've had soap on them, and had their nooks and crannies scrubbed out is unknown to me. Maeve's eaten McDonalds for lunch just about each and every day- I WILL say though, I've upheld my ban on chicken nuggets... she gets sprite and the apples- not too bad, right? ANYWAYS... I think that these past two weeks have just kind of ruffled my feathers...

To put it in a nutshell.. I'm tired, my anxiety is horrid, I'm annoyed with my three year old's attitude, money's tight, I'm getting sick of enchiladas and its getting cold.

What an inspiring post. :) ha... :)

I am off to youtube... listening to some chill music will help my mood I'm sure. (as will this glass of moscato)

good night!


Leslie Collins said...

awww....sorry to hear that those good ol' hormones are going crazy. gotta love them!

see you tomorrow. cannot wait!

k and j said...

ha-larious ash. but girl, i have these days more often than not! being a mom is TOUGH shiz.