Wednesday, October 6, 2010

off the top of my head.

Ryan's snoring.

TV is set on "Dateline" (episode is on an Australian serial killer)

And I am restless. What the heck is new?

off the top of my head...
...I've got a killer headache

...I think something is up with my right ovary... sorry for any man that stumbles upon this blog... TMI- but hey, its legit.

...the anxiety is building as my mom's departure date (Saturday) approaches

...I miss my sisters. Oh and my brothers too, I guess. :)

...I think I need to make acupuncture a part of my regular routine. But with my mom gone, I have NO babysitters during the day... and its just too hard to get to the doc once a week for an hour long session.

...with that said, I haven't had acupuncture in about a month and I've spent more time waiting in line at CVS for a refill on my klonopin than ever before.

...with THAT said, I don't think I have ever experienced so much upheaval in such a condensed period of time.

... I kicked my coldstone habit... moved on to pudding.

...I'm taking steps to "vegetarianize" our family. (Yup I know "vegetarianize" isn't a word) Ryan's not thrilled.

...I've been on this nail-painting kick. Painting, repainting my nails every few days or so. And any time I can sneak away, I end up in the beauty aisles at the local drugstore debating between "wedding day" and "sweet rose." I always go with the darker. mom and I got in an argument (well argument isn't a fair word... more like a "MOM I GET IT. ASHLEY NO YOU DON'T" type of thing) over my weight. Here's the really funny thing- I'm crying my eyeballs out, blubbering about how my stomach and butt are magnets for fat, asking for advice on how to lose said fat, as we're sitting in the drive thru for McDonalds. My life is so weird.

...I am jealous that Ryan sleeps so well. But then again, I wouldn't wish my insomnia on my worst enemy (well maybe my worstest- yup not a word). This week has been awful in terms of sleeping. Sunday it got so bad I ventured out into the kitchen around 3,4 maybe? Rummaged around in the medicine cabinet and found a prescription that was written for me about 2 years ago- long expired- but it was trazadone and I needed it. It backfired, because after I took it, I spent an hour googling "expired medications." I was within an inch of waking Ryan up and having him take me into the ER.

...I was reunited with a best friend of mine this past weekend. And without the kids, I found myself in some shenanigans. It's always good to get a glimpse of your past. I know I've said this before, but I can't thank God enough for 2 things (well there are a lot of things that I am thankful for): 1- that He kept me safe through those years... and 2- that facebook/twitter was not around. I already have a lot to say... add alcohol to that and I'm a frickin dictionary... without any sense... make sense? ;)

...Henry is standing up and about to take his first step- I'm ticked. Time flies too fast. I'm not ready for him to be a toddler.

...Maeve is a princess. No, really- every day she's at least 5 different characters. And you better notice who/what she is- because she will only respond to that name- for example, she emerges from her room as "Snow White." You have to say, "Hi SNOW WHITE. Would you like a snack?"

...I was stung by a bee this week. That hasn't happened in years. I forgot how much it hurts. Bees should be banished to hell.

...Maeve will be THREE on the 11th. I am in denial. Surely she can't be three... that would make it three (really, like four) years ago that I took that pregnancy test... it seems like yesterday. And now I'm sounding like my grandma :)

...I told Ryan I think I might have a mild case of tourettes syndrome. I have been getting these urges to shout things out to people... like in a restaurant, when my 11 month old is screaming his head off and the 20 year old chick shoots me a "shut your kid up" look- I want to shout things. I've never been great with filtering my mouth, but my gosh- I have been downright grouchy.

... Dateline is over... Nancy Grace is on. and....BAHAHAHA Nancy Grace just compared the CHRIST MOTHER MARY to teen moms. WTH? I'm lost with that one.

...I have this itch... an itch to do something I've done before (7 years ago to be exact)... hahaha... some of you could probably guess. I can't type it out because my mom will have a fit. So, just think hard... but not too hard... its nothing gross. (don't ALWAYS associate itch with gross stuff :) and if I do indeed, uhhhh "scratch that itch" I will blog about it.

...I need to be near some water asap. I'm drying out. This is about as cold as I can take it. Anything below 50 sucks. When I'm not editing pictures, blogging, facebooking or whatever the heck else I do on the internet, I'm on Craigslist looking for rental houses in Florida.

...lastly, if you haven't commented on the DVD giveaway... do it now... because if anyone can make you smile, its Adam Sandler ;)

thanks for reading.

good sleeps to all! :)

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k and j said...

okay i am lovin' your blog chica!! thanks for the comment :) i was starting to think you were over me, ha. lol.

oh i have ovarian cysts and my ovaries hurt sometimes too.

ovaries also hurt a little when you are ovulating too ;)

love ya! keep blogging. you totally make me laugh and totally remind me of myself. it's too much!