Friday, October 8, 2010

flashback friday.

is there such a thing? If so, please let me know asap! If not, I'm claiming "flashback friday" as my thingy. ;)

It's so exciting to have a public blog! For years it was private which had a TON of perks- I knew the audience I was writing to, so I could get down and dirty... But I have to say there is a certain thrill to having my thoughts OUT THERE in the land of blogworld! It's fun to check my ticker and see visitors from crazy, far away places. And networking via blogger is pretty sweet too... there are a billion other moms/daughters/sisters/friends out there, just like me (and you, and you, and you too) who are blogging. What a neat thing :)

Anywho, I've seen blogs "link" off eachother- it's fun... and I'm going to try it. It will probably be a giant belly flop... but, better to jump and flop, than stay glued on the diving board. Right?

ALRIGHT... so "flashback friday"- the idea is to remember a fond (or not so fond?) memory... pretty simple. And I guess a tad self explanatory.


When I first started high school, I had maybe 2,3 friends...? My parents, in a desperate attempt to get me well acquainted with the school, decided to set up our motorhome (well I guess a motorhome doesn't need setting up... but ya know, we plugged it in) and allow my girlfriends and I to have a slumber party in it. I am pretty sure we all thought we were hot stuff..., being fifty feet from my house, and watching "Urban Legends" (WITHOUT my parents permission- uh huh! HA!).

Now to be completely honest, I don't remember much about the sleepover (other than that it was in the motorhome and included food, a movie and a few girlfriends). But I do have a memory that will never, ever leave my head.

One of my friends thought she could sit on this bar thing. It wasn't a good idea. She flipped forward, smashed her nose and broke both of her thumbs. I remember sitting in the ER with her... I cried, feeling so bad for her- and of course, a friendship couldn't possibly come out of this. Who in their right mind would want to come back to my cool motorhome after breaking their nose and thumbs????

I think she ended up getting a few stitches right on the crown of her nose... and she had both of her arms held STRAIGHT up in thumb casts. She had to have someone write all her work out for weeks.

I definitely started high school off with a bang (well not as big of a bang as "her" -yeah she'll remain annonymous:)- and I don't mean to look back on this memory as FOND, per say. Nothing is very pretty about that whole thing. BUT I do know that her nose and thumbs healed perfectly fine, and we've laughed about it since. Therefore, I can now think back to my very first high school sleepover and crack a teeny, tiny smile- at the thought of my friend walking into class on Monday morning with two hot pink thumb casts and a flat nose.

ALRIGHT.... so this is where YOU come in! Rummage up a memory. It can be fond, it can be not so fond. Whatever you prefer. Link your blog to mine via the linky thing below... and hopefully we can get a little chain going! I can't wait to read YOUR flashbacks!

**** UPDATE**** this was a flop!  haha! :)  I'm going to do "FOTO Friday" this coming Friday... hopefully we can get some peeps to participate :)

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Leslie Collins said...

oh my gosh! poor girl. glad to hear that she was okay and you are able to laugh about it now.