Wednesday, October 20, 2010

I don't remember what day I'm on with this herbalife thing... maybe day 8? Anyways, it's relatively new, so I'm not SUPER proud of myself to sticking with it- anyone can drink milkshakes for a week... but I have lost a pound.

More importantly, I'm feeling really good. I have more energy- I am never, ever hungry. If you don't like dieting because of the hunger, or lack of satisfying foods, I suggest you try this.

I have never stuffed so much food in my face- ever. Well, no I take that back. I was a pregnant whale with both of my kids... but besides that, I can't remember a time where I've eaten more food (or drank...ya know).

That's what it really is- drinking- drinking your food. But I was telling someone the other day that these shakes aren't like gross smoothie diety type shakes. I make this no bake cookie shake that tastes like its from "Steak and Shake." I mean, really, its THAT good.

The plan is a shake for breakfast (this fills me up until noon, at least- but the rule is you have to have a snack in between- so I literally force feed myself graham crackers or something) By the time lunch rolls around, I'm not starving a bit- just ready for more fuel. This is my favorite shake of the day- its usually the more "calorie" packed one for me (the shakes range from 180-300 cals) and I "splurge"- lunch usually consists of peanut butter and chocolate.... :) YUM.

Around 2 or so, I drink a cup of tea (its supposed to help your metab. who knows- its hot and good, so I drink it.) I usually eat a snack with the kids when they wake up around 3 or so... and then its time for dinner.

I absolutely do not restrict dinner- I eat what my family is eating- if its spaghetti, its spaghetti. If its cheeseburgers, I eat a burger. Because here's the brilliant thing- from keeping yourself full ALL DAY LONG, by the time dinner rolls around, there's no need to be scrambling to fill your stomach. For example, last night we went to Lonestar- I had chicken fingers (shared with maeve) and I ate one chicken finger and a salad. And I was FULL. I felt full, satisfied, great.

So yeah, I am digging this diet.

I will keep you all updated with the actual numbers on the scale... right now I'm still too embarrassed to say the real number... I'll say its 12x- you can guess the variable :)


Erika said...

I'm on the same diet and I want that shake recipe!!! Please share!

Angie B said...


Rachel said...

Only 12x? Girl I weigh 125, maybe I need to try this diet? Are there any non sweet options like more fruity ones or something? I feel like I would burn out on chocolate. Also, do you have to exercise too? I'm very interested to learn more. I love how it's only 12x and you are embarassed. I didn't think I was THAT fat but now you have me worried lol.