Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Dawn Anna."

I cried a river today.

But it was a good cry. It was a validated cry.  I've been having a lot of un-validated cries lately... making me feel a tad pathetic and self concsious.  This movie, however, earns the right to be watched- and YES,cried over. "Dawn Anna" is a lifetime movie. SO yeah, there are some cheesy parts... but, her story is incredible. It touched me, it moved me and it jerked things back into perspective. Everyone needs a good jerking... (RAY SAVICKE- don't you even think about commenting on this!!! :)

I think I'm a victim of getting lost in the swirling blur that is life. Oh, oh, oh... the stuff that has been going through my head the past few days warrants a burning barrel. - meaning, those thoughts are so insignificant- they need to be discarded and burned. Turned into ashes and swept away... because surely, there are more important things to take up my brain than a funny game of 3rd grade dodgeball.

I don't know, maybe it doesn't take much to blow me away... but by the end of the movie, I had red, swollen eyes, a stuffy nose, and  was thanking God for my kids, my family, my health, my happiness. I also made the conscious decision to laugh. LAUGH LAUGH LAUGH. LAUGH every day. Laugh about the silliness... SILLY things that "hurt" my feelings- what's really silly is, that's not hurt... sticks and stones right? :) Words will never hurt me.

It seems like I get smacked in the face with a good life lesson about once a month. It usually comes in the form of an "Oprah" episode, or some crazy thing I've dug up on youtube. Today it came from a simple Lifetime movie that I happened to catch. God is working with and on me... tweaking things, pushing me back into place... setting my priorities straight and giving me some good gut punches....

I cringe to think about the breath I've wasted in this life so far. My breath (and yours) is too precious to waste  on anything but positive love. Love, love, love.  

SO, in the meantime, I'm smiling... smiling for my dear friends, smiling for my newly "Buffett-ized" family, smiling for my sleeping babies, smiling for my crazy husband who likes to do funny things (more on that tomorrow), smiling because the big problem in my life right now is not big. It is silly. It is minute. It's actually.... GONE.

sleep tight, Goodnight! :)


Rachel said...


Angie B said...

ok I just looked up the movie and read the synopsis, if what i read is true, that sounds like a sad sad movie!! but makes you thankful for what you have? health and children? :)

Ashley said...

Angie- yes, it is a very, very sad movie- but very inspiring and gives some good perspective.

I promise by the end, you'll be wanting to hold Drew and tell him you love him so much :) (not like you don't already ;)

Becky said...

I love this. I'm always reminding myself when I'm complaining about my "problems" to Nate or to myself...that I'm blessed. I'm blessed to have a Father that loves me, a wonderful husband, a great daughter, a healthy baby on the way, all of us have remained healthy and safe, we have jobs, a home to live in...I could go on and on. :) Those things are what's important!! Thanks for was good to be reminded again :)