Thursday, October 21, 2010

ba baaaa ba baaaaa!

This is the "Sound of Settling." (youtube "Sound of Settling" by Death Cab for Cutie and you'll get it)

In the mean time, here's what I'm settling for today:

I need a vacation... I am settling for a morning at the Chelsea Treehouse :/

I need a million dollars... I am settling on the xx in my bank account.

I need the warmth of the sun.... I am settling on a hot shower.

I'd love to hear the words "I was in the wrong."..... I am settling on silence.

I want a K Cup... I am settling on hot tea.

You know that quote, about how you should never settle for 2nd best (or something
like that)... I think its BS. Sometimes, all there is left to do is settle... If I were constantly hungry, wanting more and more, not able to settle, I can only imagine the bitterness that would overtake me.

So... got a crappy car? Feel settled that you have 4 wheels.

Feeling overweight? Feel settled that you're not the 900 pound, bedridden man in Chile.

Feeling overwhelmed by your ((very)) loud, unruly, semi-insane children? Feel settled that they're there.

You get the point... and...

"ba baaaaaaa ba baaaaaaa this is the sound of settling."

:) Happy Thursday.

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amj said...

maybe we should change the wording a bit--i'm kind of a pain in the ass about the words we choose because i think they have a lot of energy/emotion behind them and instead of saying you're settling, maybe say you're choosing to be happy with what you have (which sounds like your sentiment exactly). because being happy is always a choice. we can still be happy and want something different, right?