Friday, October 15, 2010


Today, October 15th, happens to be " The Wave of Light"... or so I was told. I myself, have not experienced the unimaginable pain of loss but I have two good friends who have.

I dropped off a candle and a card (and a hug :) for my sweet friend (who lives here in Jackson, my other sweet friend is far, far away :(...) and tonight, I lit a candle here in our house, in memory of their babies.

Watching the candle burn, obviously filled my head with thoughts of my own blessed life. My two, healthy, crazy children... and prayers of comfort for anyone who's suffered such a loss.

Here was our candle... for baby J and baby L.

Maeve liked holding the candle... I didn't explain why we lit it... but she liked smelling it and when it was time to blow it out, she said "night night, sleep tight candle!"

It melted my heart. 

Love you my sweet kids... and thank you Lord for giving them to me.

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Leslie Collins said...

i cannot imagine a loss like that. my prayers were with all the parents who have.