Friday, October 22, 2010

the rain?

Yesterday was such a strange, bizarre day. I really don't know how else to describe it- I am pretty sure that someone slipped me a sleeping pill (JUST KIDDING :) But really- that's how zombie-like I was.

I'm sure my zombie-like state was due more to the fact that I hadn't really slept the previous night, but it sounds cooler to say that I think someone slipped me something. ;)

The day started off really sucky. Ryan and I don't argue- like ever- I mean maybe a little here and there about stupid stuff- but ya know, really nothing substantial. Yesterday morning, I woke up and saw our K-cup carousel COMPLETELY empty. Cue arguing.

I called Ryan and said some ridiculous things like "How could you drink the last cup of coffee and then just leave??" (Yeah, I'm laughing about it now as I'm typing....) It wasn't really arguing- it was more of just an annoying way to start the day.

Anywho, Angie saved me, by bringing a little baggie of kcups by the house. AHHHH :)

I chugged a cup, and within a half hour we were in the car, ready to go to the treehouse.

It was somewhere on I-94 when I started to feel like I had lead weights on my eyelids. I mean, really, I was TIRED. Even with my kids screaming in the back, Jimmy Buffett filling the car, I was tempted to pull over the car and take a quick cat nap... how weird.

We made it to the treehouse- I think it might've been around 11 or so? I unloaded everyone, thinking "Okay- I'm going to get in there, start talking with my friends, get picked up and be good to go."

I LOVE the treehouse- don't get me wrong- but they do something that REALLY ticks me off- allowing entire classes from schools to come during peak morning hours. REALLY???? I am not joking- this place was packed. I couldn't find Maeve anywhere and the baby space looked more like a minnow pond.

I plunked Henry down and tried to find a seat (unsuccessfully- yes, that's how packed it was!) I chit chatted for a minute with Angie- but she had to run because Sammy (her little guy) had crashed a pizza party (FUNNY!!! I am still laughing Angie ;)

As she ran off to get Sammy, someone motioned towards Henry, and asked "Is he yours?" I smiled, surely looking glazed (since this is how I felt) and said "Yup, that's Henry." And the lady said (nicely enough) "Well Henry just vomited."


Sure enough, he had indeed, vomited. Not spit up- but like chunky puked all over the place. HOLY COW.

My cheeks were hot as I scooped him up, my mind racing with what to do. Babies, babies, everywhere- inches away from crawling into puke. Another gal pal that was there, Maria- noticed what was going on and jumped up to go grab wipes- meanwhile, every parent was grabbing their kid saying "Ohhhh stay away from there." I felt AWFUL.

Before Maria was back with wipes, Maeve managed to slide in it. Fab. All over her pants and on her hands. G-R-O-S-S. Although, I am thankful it was my kid and not someone else's. She can deal with her brothers puke for a minute :)

Maria cleaned up Maeve, I cleaned up the puke and then I scooped Henry up and loaded him into his carseat. We had officially made an entrance and now it was time to make an exit.

I paid 6 bucks to spend 20 minutes at the treehouse, scrubbing puke and apologizing to parents.

Back in the car, my droopy lids caught up with me again. I kept thinking "make it to Nutrition Revolution- get some of that energy tea...." I did in fact, make it to NR and chugged a shake and some of that energy tea. When we got home, I said a silent prayer that today was the day my kids both napped- simultaneously and for a long amount of time.

He must have been listening... or it could have been the rain, but either way, BOTH of my kids slept from 1:30 or so to 4:30.

I, myself conked out and woke up feeling even more drugged. But very thankful for the sleep :)

My laziness did however, effect the rest of our evening. Dinner was kind of shot- so we ended up getting (don't laugh too hard) "The Burger Bundle" from Culvers. HAHAHA :) What is a "Burger Bundle" you ask? Well, it is 5 (FIVE) cheeseburgers, a family pack of french fries and a huge drink... all for 10 bucks. Yeah, talk about classy!

I am thankful for the burger bundle- it saved me from cooking and filled our bellies.

After dinner, we all lazied around the house some more. And I was shocked that I was STILL feeling tired... it had to be the rain...

Around 7 or so, Maeve said she wanted to watch cartoons on "the baby tv" (the tv in Ryan and I's bedroom... haha, I guess its pretty small). We lied down and the next thing I remember is looking at the clock, seeing it was 8- something- and that Maeve was gone.

I had fallen asleep again, and missed putting the kids to bed :(

I watched an episode of "48 hours" and was thinking that I needed to gear up for a night from hell- after all, I have the worst insomnia ever- and I had slept away half the day... surely, I'd be up until 4 AM.

Strangely enough, I zonked BACK out (I don't recall the time) and didn't wake up this morning until 8:30- that's when the kids woke up- and that NEVER happens.

So yeah, it was definitely the rain that threw us off and slowed us down.

Thank you rain... I needed to be slowed down for a day :)



Dani said...

Seriously Ashley, are you sure you aren't pregnant? That is TOTALLY how I found out both times.

Ashley said...

ummmmm that would be a BIG NO Dani! :) haha! But I do remember with Maeve (not so much with Henry) being verrrrry tired...