Thursday, September 23, 2010

Well, Hello There.

You've stumbled upon my blog!

I wasn't sure I wanted anyone to stumble upon it. I'm still not positive I like the idea. But... alas, things must be said and done.

Firstly, my mom and grandma who are incredibly bright, but lack computer skills, cannot figure out the whole password/email/private blog thing. The point of this blog (well, there are lots of reasons I write...) was to keep an online journal of sorts. I thought the blog would be 100% about my kids. For those of you who've kept up with this, you know that my kids are mentioned in just about every post, but more so, this blog has turned into my "private" therapy.

It's super (I mean, SUPER, SUPER) scary for me to go "public." Who knows what dirt you could dig up on me... :) But I figure if you care enough to dig around all my posts, searching for incriminating evidence or embarrassing photos, then you, yourself have some issues that may need to be addressed :) -I say that most kindly-

Because I can assure you, though my blog is pretty interesting (haaaah) its not worth spending your time pilfering through old posts. Even if you find an old post, and comment, I won't respond back... So lets just start fresh and new, eh?

So... welcome. Leave a comment- don't be shy- I'd love to know who is reading my ramblings :)

Happy Thursday!

PS- I just added the "Follow" feature (located on the upper right hand side of the blog)- I wanna feel some blog love... follow me! :)


Russ and Karen Gaston said...

Hey Ashley! I love to read your musings, so keep em coming. :)

madskeegsjack said...
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madskeegsjack said...

wow. not sure how i feel about this not being an exclusive club...
teasing. love your blog and love you.

Kase and Jules said...

hope ur feeling better! ahhh public! i have thought about it also bcuz my mom can't figure the private thing out either. she left me a comment while she was signed in under my name :) lol.