Tuesday, September 21, 2010

sicky sick

Ughhhh its been awhile since I've been so sick! I guess I've had little head colds here and there... but this sickness is kicking my butt.

Remember my Florida post and my near death experience at the end of the flight? (super dehydrated + sun poisoning+ brain aneurysm... or ya know- something like that :) Anywho, that's when I started feeling sick. The next day I felt better... but still had that "coming down with something" kinda feeling. By Friday (my birthday) I was feeling like barf. I popped all the tylenols and throat lozenges I could just to keep my head afloat. I DID have a good day (a GREAT day) it was just clouded by this sickness.

Monday evening is when it hit REALLY hard. Monday evening, I was begging for silence (aka "Ryan take the kids somewhere and shut my door") and meds.

This morning I woke up and my right eye was swollen and bloody. Seriously. WTH. I called the doc asap and they squeezed me in at 2:30. This posed a new problem: 2:30 is right smack dab in the middle of my kids naps. I was geared up for a cranky, stressful afternoon at the docs. Luckily, my mom saved the day (yes... all the way from FLORIDA!) and called a good friend of hers (ours) who came over and watched the kids, while I, got the pleasure of having the longest doc appointment ever.

I thought I had the typical "flu"-ya know, I wanted to check to make sure my eye wasn't going to fall out or anything, but I was fairly confident it was going to be an in and out appointment. Unfortunately, it wasn't. Remember Ryan's new job? I didn't. And I COMPLETELY forgot our new insurance stuff. Poo.

The front desk guy wasn't thrilled with me.

Once I finally got back there, I was weighed (WAHOOOOOOO...I am seriously SO SO SO CLOSE to my goal weight!!!!) and had my BP taken. Then the doc came in. I ran through my laundry list of your typical flu symptoms... he checked my ears, throat, nose, etc. Then I asked him to look at my eye. He kept pulling each lid down and inspecting each eyeball closely. The diagnosis? PINK EYE. EWWWWWW. Actually DOUBLE EWWWWW because I am POSITIVE my kids will get it. Unfortunately (fortunately?) the pink eye has nothing to do with my aches, fever, chills, sore throat. I got a strep test- negative. Did a urine sample (since I'm notorious for harboring UTI's) and then was sent down to the lab for blood work and a chest xray.

I guess I'll know the results from those tomorrow... I'm convinced its swine flu. Doc. Bigelow thinks otherwise... what does he know? :)

All that I'm sure of, is I'm sick. My head is pounding. I'm hot and clammy. My throat is on fire and I have an energy level of -20. My patience with my kids is nonexistent. My head cannot take the screaming, whining, pounding...

So the moral of this story... if you think you wash your hands a lot... wash them more. I am seriously an OCD hand washer- and there is something SO gross.... SO contagious, going around.

Wish me luck with tomorrow. Pray I don't have any crazy pneumonia or blood diseases...

If you need me, you can find me in pjs, wandering the house and gulping theraflu.