Friday, September 24, 2010

Tip Of The Day.

Don't ask me why its taken me almost 3 years to figure this out. It seems so simple. But its oh-so exciting. I have found a way to "talk" to Maeve. Yes- she is quite the talker, always has been- and we have 30000 conversations a day. Just recently, however, I've discovered a secret: Attach any Disney character/princess with an action and she'll do it. SUUUUWEEET!

Here are some examples:

"Maeve here's a SNOW WHITE apple... SNOW WHITE eats apples, Maeve should too." And the girl eats the apple.

"Maeve its time for a nap." (SCREAMING) "SLEEPING BEAUTY takes long naps! Don't you want to be like SLEEPING BEAUTY???" And Maeve gets ready for a nap.

"Maeve!! Bathtime!" (SCREAMING) "ARIEL lives in the water... she likes to have her hair wet. Don't you want to be like THE LITTLE MERMAID?" And Maeve's in the tub.

I have no shame in my game. Spend a day with my very ((VERY)) strong willed little girl, and you'll be pulling out the princess names left and right. You'll probably even start to make stuff up- like this;

"Maeve we need to pick up your toys." (SCREAMING) "Maeve did you know that PRINCESS JASMINE likes to clean up her toys?"

It's working for us at the moment. And for that, I'm grateful :)


Jessica Perry said...

That is too cute! Good tip!!

Angie B said...

haha thats awesome! :)

amj said...


Jessica said...

We did this for awhile with Thomas the Tank Engine trains. Unfortunately, the success was only temporary. :o/