Monday, September 27, 2010


Y'all know my insomnia...

My insomnia often leads to youtube searches. Youtube searches usually lead to anxiety provoking videos. The anxiety provoking videos lead to my insomnia. Vicious cycle!

Anyways, last night I was up until 2 or so? ((YUCK)) and came across this video. I'm not a fan of Pam Anderson... at all (Yuck to her as well). But I will never, EVER eat chicken from KFC again... EVER. I am sure I am late on this video... meaning- I'm sure you've seen it and have all been boycotting KFC for years because of it... whoops... not me.

From now on, all my chicken eating is coming from Laura McCully's farm! :) I've seen the chickens out there- they're treated well- everything is clean- no broken bones, no slicing their beaks off... just happy, healthy chickens :)

I have never really been a meat fan. I am practically a vegetarian- NOT a vegan- but a vegetarian. I hardly ever eat meat. I DO like BBQ chicken... and I will eat chili- or spaghetti with ground turkey. But (this may blow your mind) I have never, EVER had a steak. EVER. Crazy??? I just don't like the taste of meat.

If I didn't have such a meat hungry husband, I'd probably become a vegetarian. But honestly, Ryan might become a cannibal if I deprived him of meat. That would be no good for any of us... ;)

Anywho, what a great post for a Monday morning right??? :)

Have a good week readers!


Mallory said...

y'all need a chick fil a.
best. fast food. EVER.
Chicago just got their first, so it's comin up to the midwest :)

Ashley said...

MAL Chick FIL A is my FAVE! Waffle fries and lemon box pie... SO GOOD.

Angie B said...

i cant believe u have never had steak!!! I LOVE IT haha

Jessica said...

I'm with you on the meat thing. I really just don't like it much. I was a vegetarian for awhile, but my body just couldn't handle it. So now I eat chicken and that's basically it. Very rarely will I have red meat. And I HATE steak. :)