Tuesday, August 24, 2010

this Tuesday morning.

no milk.

Maeve woke Henry up at 7 FREAKING AM.

my house is a pit.

We're on the second time through "Alice in Wonderland"

I spilled rice crispies all over my kitchen floor- my dogs will eat their own poop but won't eat rice crispies. go figure.

Henry is melting down in my lap (as I type this)

before 8 AM I had already bribed (or tried to anyway) Maeve to stay in bed for a little longer

Ryan left a moldy to-go cup of coffee on the counter that made me gag.

there is a good chance we will be evicted from this house because of the condition of our garage.

On a plus side, Ponce, my bird is singing.

The sun is shining.

I am alive.

My kids are crazy (but healthy:)

I've got a date with girlfriends and wine tonight.

Its all good. :)

happy tuesday!


Katie said...

Oh, shoot!! I've STILL gotta take "Ponce" off your hands....ok, still trying to convince my hubby too! AND I still have your Bumbo seat, did you want it for the garage sale...??? Let me know, I can swing it by!

Ashley said...

haha Katie- I have TWO bumbo seats- so we're set for now! ;)

And yeah come get the frickin bird... :) HAHA :)