Sunday, August 22, 2010

the latest.

Dang I've got some major catch up to do! Especially since I have my whole family reading my blog now (as a way of keeping up with our incredibly exciting lives ((sarcasm)) Anyways.... HI MOM & DAD! Here's what's been going on:

Henry is now a crawling ninja master. He is everywhere- all the time. I'll be in a room somewhere and hear a "SLAP! SLAP! SLAP!" Peaking out the door, there's my bub barreling down the hallway. How and WHY do they grow so fast?!?!

Maeve is still adjusting to life without nana & poppa (and Bindi AND Mandy AND Willy AND gigi AND uncle Al AND uncle Ty AND aunt Emi AND aunt Meggie- who's in Mississippi). Each and every morning without fail, she announces where everyone is- she starts with Nana and works her way through the whole family- confirming that yes, they are still in Florida, Meghan is still in Mississippi and Dadda is at work.

Speaking of work (and dada).... Ryan's new job started last Monday and he's... happy but overwhelmed. (shhhh... don't tell him I told you that! :) It's definitely an adjustment to go from a company of 10-12 people to a company of HUNDREDS. He used that old analogy and told me he feels like a small fish in a big pond... such is life I guess. I, on the other hand, am LOVING his new job. Not only am I soaking up the eye and dental benefits we now get, but I also like that hmmm... around 3/4? or so, Ryan comes walking in the door. It kind of blows my mind that he is working in Ann Arbor but getting home (on a regular basis) earlier than he ever did at Culligan. The latest he'd work is 4 PM but he usually gets out at 3. This past week there was a cookout and he was "dismissed" at noon. Pretty sweet! :)

Another great thing about Ryan's job are the vacation days. Yes- he did get vacation days at Culligan but Ryan's sick/vacation days reminded me of those credit card commercials- there were "black out dates" and basically so many rules and "ifs ands or butts" that it wasn't even worth trying to argue for time off. At the U of M job, we have already marked off our big vacation in May- without even a "please, may I?" :) He's taking 9 vacation days and we're doing a GIANT Florida vacay. 4/5 days/nights at Disney... then a solid week in St. Augustine with my family. I am already counting down. In fact, at dinner tonight, Maeve asked when we were going to Disney- Ryan and I smiled and said "Let the countdown begin!" 7 months people! 7 months!

Maeve keeps me smiling and laughing- Ryan said he thinks she's suddenly taken off this week with her vocabulary- I don't see a real distinct difference, but he seems to think she's using a lot more words. I have noticed she wants to know what EVERYTHING is. She asks what each and every song is that comes on the radio. She asks what everything is around the house. It's like she's just soaking it all in... Her new favorite thing to do is the classic "doctor/patient" game. AKA- I (or Ryan or poor baby Henry) gets pinned down and poked, prodded, squeezed, etc. It's absolutely hilarious and usually goes something like this:
Maeve: "Oh you so sick Momma? Go to the doctor and feel so better?"

Me: "Okay.... check me out."

Maeve: "Any questions today?"

Me: "Is this going to hurt?"

Maeve: "Yes."

Me: "Wahhhhhh!"

Maeve: "No tears momma."
And let me warn you- if you crack a smile and break "character", she says "NO. This hurts!"

Potty training with Maeve is really hit or miss. One day she is ALL about it- using the potty (I swear) 20 times a day!?!?! Smiling, as she's earning her "pee pee candy." Then the next day- its done. She wants nothing to do with the potty- not even the candy. SO WEIRD. Although I've heard its normal... I would think though, that after experiencing pooping in the potty that pooping in your pants would feel really gross. Apparently she doesn't think so.

Henry is saying "MAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMAMA" in this deep, manly voice ALL.DAY.LONG. But I love it :) Maeve tries to get him to say "MAE MAE MAE MAE"- she gets so frustrated when he just keeps saying "MAMAMAMA" :) Henry is also waving "bye" and "hi"- he clenches his fingers in and out and says in a really high pitched voice "HIIIIIIIIII!"

Me.... well I have finished with the acupuncture (kind of sad...) I will be getting the occasional "adjustment" but no more weekly appointments. Overall, I do have to say I feel better. Although at my last appointment Dr.Bigelow had me take that stupid asthma test- where you blow into that meter thing... I failed. FAILED! He thought I was joking around and had me do it 3 times. There was no joking... I really couldn't move the thing past the 300 mark. Which means that.... I am using 75% of my lung capacity. To be considered asthmatic, you'd need to be at or below 50%. So he didn't put me on any asthma meds. Instead he ordered a chest x-ray to check on my lungs and nodules. Hmmm... kind of nerve wracking. But I'd do just about anything to get the whole breathing issue solved and figured out.

Ryan asked me last night how far apart I wanted Henry and "the next baby to be." I looked at him like he had 4 eyeballs. He then reminded me that if indeed, we wanted our kids to be 2 years apart (which is what we've said) that would put me being preggo around December or so... HAHA- nope that's not happening. I guess Henry and "next baby" will be a little farther apart. I'm really not into the back to back to back pregnancy thing. I don't carry baby weight well... I don't get rid of baby weight well. And to be completely, gut wrenching honest with you all, I don't really enjoy pregnancy. SO.... with that said- I remember having this same conversation when Maeve was about 14 months- it wasn't more than 2 months later and Henry (known as the turkey at that time) made his presence known on a pregnancy test. If it would've been up to me (at that time- in that moment), I would have spaced Maeve and Henry out more. But ultimately, its not. And I am SO, SO thankful for God's big surprises in life. Uhhhh, but here's to hoping that there won't be any really " BIG surprises" for awhile ;)

Lastly- I am FINALLY having my stuuuuuuuupid garage sale this weekend. FINALLY! Yes- I know I am "the girl who cried garage sale." But really- its this weekend or never. And if you've seen my garage you know its gotta be this weekend!

That's about all I got for ya... I hope everyone had a good weekend :) Safe week!

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Leslie Collins said...

i will come help you this week with your garage sale stuff! it will get me out of the house. :)

what a great update post. can't wait to hang out this week. :)