Wednesday, August 25, 2010


with gratitude! Not stress...not work... not anything bad... but I am overwhelmed by the help I've had.

Now- I think it might be a bit of an understatement to say I am having a garage sale- its more like an "I've never had a garage sale/sold anything/gotten rid of anything,etc. HOUSE SALE. I am not kidding you- my garage is packed to the BRIM. I have clothes back from HIGH SCHOOL that are out there! A garage sale has been on my "to do" list since last summer... yeah I procrastinate I guess :)

Things were getting so packed that I finally took the plunge and posted to craigslist that yes indeed, there would be a garage sale this Friday & Saturday. The pressure has definitely been on- I mean, this task is seriously daunting.

I posted on facebook that I was planning this garage sale, and without even ASKING, I had three friends volunteer their time and energy. Again, I will say I am overwhelmed by their generosity. I mean, this is my garage sale- and even I don't feel like sitting out there into the wee hours of the morning sorting and organizing.

Last night, true to their word, Jess, Les & Sara all came- ready to work. And what a night we had :) Thank goodness for Sara's garage sale tactics- I think we'd still be wandering around looking at things if it weren't for her. Jess and Les are amazing baby clothes sorters! They tackled those bins in no time (well in what- 4 hours? :)

Of course we broke out some wine, music and some crazy girl talk- :) Which helped the time and the process go faster...

Les and Jess tried on some of my old clothes from high school (grrr... to you girls! haha just joking :)- after 2 babies, they can still rock skinny jeans and cute shirts (and blazers) :)

At the end of the night, when they had left. I did a quick sweep through the house (which woke Ryan up) and of course- I had to show him what we did... he was very impressed.

We went to bed and Ryan said "Wow I'm really proud of you babe- it looks great!"

I smiled and said "I've got great friends."

Yes I do :)

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Leslie Collins said...

awwwww. :) Yes, we were working the other night, but it was fun! :) And, that is what friends are for. Hope your sale goes well today!!!!

See you when I come home. :)

Love ya, girl!