Sunday, August 1, 2010

Luau 2010!

No surprise, I've been depressed. I needed something to take my mind off the fact that my parents are gone & I'm here... in the dirty J.

How about a BIG HUGE LUAU with some great friends????

Turns out, it was the perfect "get away." I worked hard to transform my house into a "fun" island type thing. As the night wore on, I became oblivious to the decorations (and NO not because of the RUM) but because of the great friends, crazy kids & fun that was surrounding me.

To sum it up... we had a lot of food... a lot of fun... a pinata... a waterpark... sugar... drinks... laughs...memories :)

I'll let the pics do the talking now.

1 comment:

Emilie said...

It WAS a great night~ I had such a good time. Thanks for inviting Bobby and I! We'll have to get together again soon! :)