Friday, July 30, 2010

Out of The Blue!

While I'm sitting here, on this verrrry depressing Friday afternoon, waiting for my key lime bars to bake, I thought I'd throw up a random blog post. Out of the blue. Why not?

If you could live anywhere in the world- ANYWHERE- where would you live and why?

Here's my answer (like its going to be a big surprise):

An island- a TROPICAL island to be exact- like NOT talking Mackinaw! Why? Well the obvious- water, sunshine, palm trees, sand, etc. But for more unobtrusive reasons... the feeling of being separated from the craziness of life. No need for cars- we could bike/walk. Live a cleaner life. Shoes are overrated. I'd be inspired to be healthier because I'd want to wear my bikini 24/7. BLISS, right??

But THEN I got to thinking... what brings/makes the craziness of life??? Outside influences? Or is it something on the inside? I don't know... I like to think its the news... or selfish people who like to rain on parades... or my neighbors who won't shut the heck up about getting our landscaping finished. GEEZ OH PETES.

However, I am smart enough to know that even if I got my wish to move to an island, the craziness would still exist- somewhere I suppose. After all, my kids would be with me- and they're a whole separate category of craziness! :)

Hmmm.... do you think that islanders worry about how many coconuts are on their trees? Or if the sand outside their door is looking "nice?" Or maybe its the tides they worry about?

Anyways, I guess the moral of the story is, that wherever you are, whatever you do- life is what you make it. You can choose to make it miserable by counting all the things that have slammed you in the face or you can choose to make it incredible. Right now, at this moment, I am choosing the latter. Whether in Jackson, MI or on Kauai, I will have struggles, worries, fears, sadness, failures. But I can also have triumphs, successes, happiness, peacefulness.

I am particularly focused on the peacefulness. It's something I long for. And I know its something that I can't go looking for- even on the most beautiful island on this planet. It's on the inside- I need to have peace with decisions that have been made- or are being made. I need to have peace with the past. I need to have peace with the fact that I'm not in control.

Wow. This post got kinda deep, really quick! HA! I was planning on doing a quick write up about my "dream" house or something, just to kill the time... it must be those key lime bars baking, my teary eyes, "Country Road" playing in the background, and the complete meltdown that I just had over saying goodbye that has got me in this mood.

Whatever it is- thanks for reading. Thanks for understanding. Pray for peace- for yourself- for me, for all of us. It seems so simple, but for me its so elusive.

I promise- PINKY PINKY promise that my next blog post will be a FUN one to read! After all, TONIGHT, I AM throwing the biggest luau party this neighborhood has ever seen! (should have some good/interesting stories and awesome pics!)



Kase and Jules said...

I alllmost don't care where I live haha. As long as I am happy! Which has been elusive for me these days too. I need peace and BALANCE in my life. Is it possible to be a wife and Mom and have balance? That is the question. Got my hair did by an amazing and WISE lady yesterday and she resolved a lot of fears about life and motherhood in a few hours. It was so nice :)

Angie B said...

i love readin your blogs. have fun at ur party!

Mallory said...

ha, i comment on everything, i must miss you i guess! but--i am so proud of you. i cannot imagine what you are going through, being sooo close to your parents and seeing them everyday, so tough... so i am so proud of you for thinking this! you are exactly right--wherever you live, it's what you make of it! i was thinking the same thing yesterday actually... as a constant mover this past year, i have realized the same thing. i guess the hardest part is meeting people/leaving people, but other than that--everywhere is pretty much the same, from maine to spain, from chicago to mississippi!!!
side note: kauai is super expensive, far from everyone you know, full of druggies, and lacking quality education and opportunities outside of tourism... so i don't think you'd love it there forever--juuust sayin! beautiful to visit, but if i don't go back, i won't be sad!!
stay strong!!!! praying for you! hope you are downing margaritas as i type this, in my new little home all alone down in hicksville ;)

amj said...

so true, sweetheart! i may have said this to you before, and that's because it's my favorite thing to pass along--remember what the buddha said (some 5000 years ago): the mind is everything; what you think, you become.

it's so true. over and over and over again. your state of mind does create your reality--so reach for a better thought! sending much love your way....

amj said...

um let me add though, that while i'm in total belief of the state of mind thing--there is something to finding the city/lifestyle that suits you and your family....i've tried for years to "bloom where i'm planted" here in macon and it's just not the lifestyle for me. i wasnt miserable every second of my life here, but there's only about two things i'm sad about yeah, i understand needing to move too....sorry about being all over the place with my thoughts today. i'm exhausted from all that stuff that goes along with moving and i havent finished my coffee yet! :)