Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Trashin' the TV

It's so funny. I was reading Jessy's blog the other day and was really interested in her "No Electronics" post. After reading it, I was thinking "Yikes- no way I could do that! But kuddos to her!"

And then hit this week.

I don't know what the heck it is... but I am getting so frickin annoyed with the dang tv. I can't stand it. All the kids songs are driving me insane. I'm sick of Maeve picking up words like "shut up" or "stupid." Yes, this may sound stupid and way over protective... but really, I'm just irritated.

SO. I hauled out this old school radio (like the ones that have a tape player!)- it does however, have a CD player as well. For three days, we've been listening to Jack Johnson and Bob Marley. And wow, has the mood changed.

We got some dollar spot flash cards from Target- in the mornings while Henry is napping (for his whopping 45 minutes), instead of having the TV on, we've been dancing to JJ & practicing her letters and numbers.

Now, the title of this post is "Trashin' the TV." If I did trash our flat screen (don't even know the inches of it- I just know we're still paying it off) Ryan might murder me. SO... we can't REALLY trash the tvs. I'm just turning them off. Like WAY limiting the amount of time they're on.

I want to come up with a set television schedule for the kids... but so far, its just been OFF- all day.

Anyone out there have a good tv schedule worked out for the kiddos??? I want to know! Do you do a Friday night "movie night?" Allow the TV on during a certain time of the day? Or allow just certain shows/movies?? Comment please! :)

In the meantime... you'll find us boppin around to "Banana Pancakes." :)


Manda said...

Ashley we don't limit the TV to much during the school year, but to be honest we are also BARELT home during the week. (at least the older kiddos!) During the summer, it's harder. We try and do no electronics weeks the last week of the month, but that doesnt always pan out. Last summer we just had no cable or internet and the issue solved itself. ;) That said, we have a family movie night on Sunday evenings, we try not to watch TV n the evening unless we are watching it together, for example, we like to watch America's Got Talent together. During the day we say TV off by noon. This lets Luke who gets up at 6 veg out in front of the TV until 8:30 -9 or so when the other's start getting up and take over the channels for him. They don't all watch it the whole time, but by noon everyone has had a turn to watch something. Still, it's probably to much TV, but it's a work in progress. We also REALLY limit what they CAN watch. I think Molly is the only girl I know who doesn't watch I Carly, or Hanna Montanta, etc. She used to not be allowed, I just don't see the point for a five year old, and now when I MIGHT let her she just doesn't choose to. Teague loves his preschool shows though I still need to work on limits.

Sarah Ely said...

We have no cable. It makes it very easy we have five channels and I love it, I'm completely in charge of what the kids watch. We have a computer but no internet besides our phones. I never thought I could live without those things but its really not that hard.

The Paulk's said...

I let the kids watch SOME tv. Usually a 30 minute show in the morning and a 30 minute show/part of a movie in the evening while I'm making dinner. OR we skip it in the morning and they watch a whole Veggie Tales movie while I make dinner. That being said, they have watched more or less tv in a particular day. I really monitor what they watch and it's either Sesame Street, SuperWhy, etc. or Veggie Tales. No Disney (except they have seen Beauty and the Beast) or cable shows...good luck. I have wanted to cut TV out completely too, but sometimes I need a break and the tv allows that! I definitey don't think TV is a bad thing as long as they're watching age appropriate stuff and not sitting in front of it 24/7!

Jessy Schoch said...

Ash, I still have to blog about our week..so look for it!! But I'll say this, our "week off" was Monday, and we're back to no electronics already!! I'm going to let them earn their time (for the older kids), but the tv won't be a background noise in my house anytime soon!! Good for you it's amazing the things you and the kids find to do together when you're unplugged!! And Max is loving him some $1 flash card from target too :) Every night we take the M card out so we can find the real moon!!

Dominica said...

Think about it.....What are they missing out on by not having the tele on ?....absolutely nothing. I think having the radio on can be waaaay more beneficial and just think of how their language will. Now I don't know about some of your other friends but I know I'm so guilty of having the tele on so I can have a moment to get dress, cook, do paperwork etc. but even then I wasn't comfy with that. With time and lots of patience children will be able to entertain themselves appropriately so that adults can take care of different things(Thank God for monitors!!!)
I don't have cable or one of those converter boxes. Instead we buy or rent movies. Depending on the week I may announce a movie day or take them to the show. Despite their lack of tv time they are still well rounded kids. You might be appalled but sometimes they won't watch tv all week-there's just too much stuff to do. There really is!!! One of my goals in life is to "WEAR THEM OUT"...LOL seriously is makes for a more learned and well behaved child.
Also, just bc you allo certain channels or shows......beware of those commercials.

In any event I'm thrilled that you are doing this. If you want I can inbox you some of the activites we use that work with children of different ages

jennifer said...

I'm with Jessy... these kids come up with some really creative stuff when the tv is off.

We don't do a lot of tv here. During the schoolyear, they are given an hour of electronics time (tv, wii, ds, computer, whatever) total- but not until after school is done. I haven't had to put a limit on this summer because they are finding so many other things to do, for the most part.

We do a weekly nacho night, on Saturday nights, and watch old tv shows. Everyone gets to make their nachos however they like and then plunk down on the living room floor for three episodees. We've seen the entire series of Gilligan's Island, Beverly Hillbillies, Brady Bunch, Green Acres, and are currently watching Leave It To Beaver. They love it and look forward to it every week!

Mallory said...

The little girl I nannied for in Maine had NEVER watched a minute of TV (she was just over 2 1/2). The little ones in MS watch tons of TV. I am, of course, not a parent... but I don't think completely eliminating it is necessary. Obviously, stimulating them with other activities is beneficial, but it is unrealistic to think that you can give them 100% undivided attention all the time, or that they don't need down time too. There are some shows that are awesome and really do help children learn/spell/etc. I had students who learned to spell toooons of words from watching TV, and the children can learn appropriate social skills too...I like PBS :) Get back to me in five years when I have my own, I may have a different opinion ;)

The Williams said...

We too have been taking a break from the TV, video games, computer, etc. It has been amazing. I have seen my kids play board games, build legos and create art projects for each other and us. We have done family puzzles and card games and if and when the TV does come on we are watching the "Life" series on the History channel (I think) and America the Story of Us as a family. My kids are old enough to understand the "rules" but Maeve is still pretty little. You are doing a great thing for her.

On a side note, Jessy told me today that your mom sold the studio :-( and is moving :-((. Im sure you and the kids will miss her! Hopefully a move to FL is in the future for you, Ryan and the kids. Take care!

Leslie Collins said...

I have been a little laxed with the tv on during the day. i will say this though, when it is on, the girls are doing other stuff. they never sit and stare at the tv. i have been planning on doing some preschool stuff with reyna here shortly while ruby is taking a morning nap. i would rather bop around to banana pancakes anyday. :)