Monday, July 26, 2010

through the wash.

That's the best way to describe my mood/emotions right now?!? Like I've gone through the wash/spin/dry cycle? Make sense? Probably not... but I'll try and explain.

For two days, Henry has been acting "different." Here's a rundown of his symptoms:
-not napping/not sleeping unless held upright or in carseat
-vomited twice (NOT spit up- but stinky PUKE)
-not drinking as much as usual

I was thinking it was teething. Call me a bad mom- whatever. I didn't think it was anything serious- just a mixture of teething & a bug. He had NO fever. While he was upright (sitting, playing) he was happy as a clam. I remember my wonderful pedi- Dr. Williams, saying to me once, "You know what a baby/child is really sick, when they don't play." Henry was playing fine- eating his solids- just not wanting his bottle, and not sleeping.

Last night, after 2 hours of screaming (and Ryan & I taking turns going in and out walking him around the room, sitting on the couch, etc.) I pulled on some sweats and said "I'm taking him to medplus. I think he has an ear infection." To be completely honest with you- I was beat (am beat) and I really didn't want to spend another night bouncing around the house, trying to console him. H was in his pjs- I thought this was going to be a quick in and out visit. I didn't even bother packing an extra diaper. Good GOD was I wrong.

We got to Medplus (on Lawrence Ave) around 9:45 (just Henry and I- Ryan stayed home with Maeve). I checked him in, paid our ridiculous 45 dollar copay and waited for a few minutes. We were the only ones there and I was thinking "just check his ears out, write us a script and get me to bed."

The doctor (the actual DOCTOR- not a nurse) called us back. He took his temp (97 something- fine) weighed him (told me he weighed 28.5 lbs) and gave him a quick exam. First red light that went off was that he weighed 28 lbs. I remember saying something like "What?? My 2 year old weighs 30 lbs." and the doc made some smart comment like "He must be a big eater..." ya know, something like that. I kind of just forgot about it, let it go.

The doc listened to his belly. 2nd red flag- he told me he couldn't hear any bowel sounds. Ummm... okay. His first "diagnosis" was that he had a bowel blockage. I had no clue what it meant- it didn't sound good, but didn't sound horrible. I was thinking, "okay... we can do this... now what?"

The "doc" (I will now refer to him as the "doc" because honestly I think he's a quack) ordered an xray to check for bowel blockages. We went in the xray room, and as I was holding my very cranky, 8 month old baby down for what seemed like FOREVER, Henry started to arch his back and crane his neck. I wasn't thinking a thing... well the quack came over and started jerking Henry's head all around. (cue tears from H & myself).

I kid you not- he moved his head a few times and said "I'm sending you to alliegence- we need to rule out meningitis." WHAT!?!?!!? I think my stomach and head dropped to my feet... I really don't remember the next few things that happened. I know I signed a paper- releasing him from medplus- I remember the quack calling the ER doc and letting them know I was coming with a "meningitis baby" (that's what he said). I remember shaking, while holding Henry- and the receptionist lady grabbing Henry so I could call Ryan and let him know what was going on. Midway during my phone conversation the quack said "Tell your husband you're probably going to end up at Motts." WHAAAAAAAAAAAAT?!?!?!?!?!

Now Ryan's crying on the phone- in pure panic- I'm sobbing- Henry's crying... what a frickin mess. I got off the phone with Ryan, grabbed Henry and started to make a beeline for the door- the quack stopped me, made sure I was okay to drive... I remember I kept saying "I just want to go- if he has meningitis I want to go now."
The quack then proceeded to tell me that the kind of meningitis he things Henry has is not fatal. I remember saying "Please don't say 'fatal' to me- and I really want to go now please." The quack kept "reassuring" me that the docs were waiting for Henry, and that right away they'd give him a catscan to check on the membranes around his brain, a spinal tap and blood work. (out of body experience- and swear words- that's all I remember at this point)

On the drive to the hospital I was tingly. I called Ryan and told him everything- he was on his way... I had totally forgotten to tell him to bring my klonopin. DANG!

I got to the hospital, ran inside with Henry and true to what the quack had said, there was a triage set up, waiting for us. Henry was categorized as a "4" (meaning most serious). We waited for a few minutes... I got a very nice visit from a friend/nurse (Chelsea- thanks so much for calming me down!:)

Back in the room, they hooked him up to the O2/heart stuff and we settled in. The doctor (Dr. Humphrey?) came in- and right off the bat, I had a good feeling. Now THIS doctor was fab. WONDERFUL. He came in, took one look at Henry and said "This is not a baby who has meningitis."

I remember breathing- like conciously taking a breath- or letting a breath out. He said we'd monitor him and keep an eye on him but not do anything aggressive (like the spinal or bloodwork) unless Henry spiked a fever. After a few hours, the doc came back and talked with us about doing a spinal. Ryan and I both said flat out- NO- that we'd either wait until the morning to see Dr. Williams or get a 2nd opinion. And the doc agreed completely. He felt comfortable discharging us as long as we kept an eye on Henry (like we don't:) and got him into Dr. Williams first thing in the morning.

We got home at (???? Lord knows what time????) and we all crashed. Morning came way too soon. But hearing Henry cry was a good thing :)

I called Jackson Peds. and they got us in right away. They weighed him, and lo & behold... Henry weighs 18 lbs. 5 oz. Medplus had him off by TEN POUNDS. TEN POUNDS!?!?!?! What in the world???? I was ticked.

I don't know if you (my readers) know the details of my cousin (Sean's) death or not- but basically he was given too much medication- they failed to weigh him correctly and he was overdosed with chemo. NOW- Henry was given NO medication- THANK THE LORD- but of course, I couldn't help but to have my mind drift back to the "what ifs." All I can say, is praise Jesus he wasn't given any meds based on his weight (besides motrin- which was fine...) But ummm... yeah, that's a stupid mistake that should not be made. Unacceptable.

Dr. Williams was ticked (to put it mildly). She took the name of the doctor at Medplus and her and Dr. Tim apologized for what had happened. I reassured them it was not their fault by any means- all that matters is that H is okay.

Now... Mr.Man DOES have something going on- we did a strep culture which came back negative- but Dr.Williams saw some red spots in his throat- leading her to think he's got "Hand/foot/mouth disease" ummm YUCK! But apparently, its very common, very contagious, very harmless.

The plan is to watch H. Make sure he doesn't spike a fever. Keep an eye on his neck movements and make sure he's taking in enough fluids.

What a vast change from last night.

Last night, I was told we'd be up at Mott's, watching Henry get a spinal. That he'd be hospitilazed for meningitis.

Today, we have a (semi) healthy (minus the FHM disease thing) boy, sleeping in his own crib. Playing with his sissy, grabbing my hair and drooling over everything.

So in the end... yeah I'm upset about the weight thing... about the meningitis crap... but really, all that matters is this:

I went through the wash and spin cycle. I am now drying out... thanks for the thoughts & prayers friends!


jennifer said...

Oh Ashley, what a nightmare! I remember the rollercoaster ride when we took Billy to the ER with suddenly swollen feet two years ago and they diagnosed him with a neurological disorder, told us he would be in a wheelchair for a minimum of 8 weeks. That was on the weekend. Mondsay morning, our pediatrician ran a strep test, and it turned out he was having a complication of strep. What a scary time!

I'm so glad that Henry is healthy (it is all relative, isn't it?). I hope he is feeling better soon.

The Paulk's said...

OMG Ashley! What a nightmare, I would have been a mess too! I am thankful, too, that Henry is alright and that it's nothing too serious(Lincoln got that once too). I hope that doctor gets an earfull from your doc or better yet, from someone higher up!! Praying that he starts feeling better soon!

Leslie Collins said...

thank goodness he is okay. what a nightmare. but, he is healthy! :)

love the pic's of the two of you. :) they are so stinkin' sweet.

Mallory said...

ridiculous stupidity!! i'd have died if i were you. so glad H is fine :) i called you; i am sure you had a whirlwind day. when your life calms down, lets chat--i want to hear all the exciting things in your future!!! house... job...etc yayy! xoxox

Katie said...

Love those pics.!! Love that "old man" face he has, too dang cute!! Thank GOD he is fine.....and you have to secretly tell me that Dr.'s name, I think I know how he is!?? Excuse my language, but what a DUMB-ASS!! :(

Kase and Jules said...

That is sheer craziness girl!

Angie B said...

OMG i would be the same way! THAT IS CRAZY. i am so sorry that happened!

Ashley said...

haha Katie- doesn't need to be a secret- the doc was an idiot and shouldn't have patients- his name was Dr. Sicoly. The same one who told me my elbow was broken a couple of months ago and that I'd need to see a specialist... which was just a huge waste of time- I DID have a little fracture and crack in it but I didn't need to see a specialist and get a cast...

LeeAnn Howard said...

Reading this just brought knots to my stomache! Im so glad he is okay and things turned out. And thanks for giving up the Dr.'s name too! I dont go in there too often, but just one time is all it would take. Hope the rest of your week is great Ashley!