Wednesday, July 28, 2010

how silly.

this would mark my THIRD blog post in one day. Funny because I went about two weeks with no blogging. I guess I have spurts of blogginess or something.

Or it could be that I can't sleep.

I wonder how many blog posts have been written all because of my insomnia. I bet a handful... probably two handfulls.

Anywho... its closing in on midnight. I'm in the bedroom... typing/facebooking/jack johnson stalking/editing all with LOLA snoring next to me.

Where's Ryan??? He's on his hands and knees- scrubbing the floors. He's been scrubbing them for close to 4 hours. FOUR HOURS. All I can say is that I'm pretty lucky that I have a husband who takes his stress out by cleaning rather than say, drinking... or some other bad habit.

I'm having a really hard time sleeping lately (what's new?)- but I think the recent bouts of insomnia are due to the craziness that is my life. I haven't gone a day in the past hmmm... MONTH?!?! without shedding at least one tear. This can't be healthy.

So... in an attempt to get myself to sleep, I'm going to count sheep/my blessings with you...

.I have 2 beautiful, healthy children
.I have 1 adoring, faithful husband
.I have strong family... distance won't untie us
.I have 2 talented sisters, who may be far away, but are always on my mind.
.I have a roof over my head
.I have like 3 boxes of k cups in my cupboard
.I have a big cookout/luau party on Friday with good friends
.I have an 80.00 check on my fridge written out to ME for MY PHOTOGRAPHY :)
.I have "Florida windows" in my bedroom- which open out perfectly for me to hear the rain
.I picked my first cucumber today (out of my own garden of course)
.Ryan is starting his job at U of M soon
.We're "showing" our house on Sunday (just to friends... who ARE interested- but its not a REAL showing)
.I was told that I was loved by my daughter, my husband, mom, dad and grandma today.
.I have the ability to control how something is going to affect me... I might not have control over the situation- but I can control how I respond to it
.I have a bottle of tosti asti that is screaming at me from the fridge (maybe this weekend?)
.I found a painting from 1984 (the year I was born) at St.Vincent Paul Thriftstore- of sailboats. It reminds me of St. Augustine... I bought it :)
.I got a text from a good friend today, just asking how I was doing
.I have acupuncture tomorrow
.I have two healthy legs that took me on a nice, long walk tonight.
.my scale now reads in the 120s. HALLELUJAH.
.I cashed in loose coins today at a coinstar and got 32 bucks.
.it rained today. I took my camera out, sat down and watched it. There is something very refreshing about crying with the rain
.I have an engagement shoot tomorrow with a sickengly adorable couple :)
.It's cookies and cream custard day at Culvers. (cancel out the walk, mentioned above)
.I have a God that lets me start each day new.
.I have a God that lets me mess up, say stupid stuff, do dumb things and still gives me a second, third, fourth, etc. etc. etc. chance
.I have a God that will pick me up and get me through this cloudy fog.
.I have sleepy eyes that are finally starting to burn and shut.

Good night. :)


Mallory said...
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Emilie said...

sorry to hear you're having a tough time sleeping...

on the other hand...

I am really looking forward to friday!! :)

Kase and Jules said...

Good for you for listing your blessings Ash!