Wednesday, July 28, 2010

ohhhh My Love.

Remember this post? About "Trashing the TV?"

I have to say, I'm pretty proud of myself. We've kept the TV off- we've gone on long walks, worked on letters, numbers, animals, etc. Maeve has been playing with her Tag JR (does that count as an electronic? It shouldn't... :)

Anyways, what I'm getting to, is that its been fab listening to music all day and NOT nick JR. :) I'm keeping this up FOR SURE.

Here's the thing: My love. Ohhhh my love (Ryan)... He arrived home from work last night. The kids and I were in Henry's room- I was reading "Olive My Love" (Mal- took a pic and tried to send it to you via picmail- but it wouldn't work!) to Maeve, Henry was chewing on something... you get the picture. Anyways, Ryan comes in, Maeve jumps all over him, Henry wiggles with joy, etc.

Not a MINUTE later, Ryan and Maeve walked out of the room and I heard the TV go on. Grrr....

I came out and said "Ryan- I've kept the TV off all week and the second you get home, its on?"

He said, "Well how else do you want to entertain the kids while we get stuff done?"

HAHA :) Ohhhhh MY LOVE. Ohhhhh MY LOVE.

Our brains are wired so differently. And sometimes, annoying as it is, I know its meant to be that way :) Maeve got to watch "Ratatouille" last night and I bit my tongue.

This morning, the tv is still off... I'm currently listening to Maeve read her Tag Jr. books, and I have Jack Johnson's "To The Sea" blasting through the kitchen.

Anyways, yesterday I was asking about a set television schedule- it looks as though we're falling into one. No TV during the day with momma... and a movie at night with dadda. Sounds good to me :)


Becky said...

we need to do this! and nate's the same way ryan is :)

amj said...

wow!! that's so impressive...i totally wanted to be tvless when i was pregnant. haha, we're so not...well the adults are--i never watch tv. (except for the tour de france every year) when em's in school she's not too bad with the tv but since she's been out for summer, it's tv city. on the bright side, we did find pbs kids--they have great shows. i almost dont mind her watching some of those. i dont even think there's commercials....anyway just wanted to throw my two cents in about pbs kids :) emmie's so excited about it she'll tell everyone (like random strangers at the store) "i've got pbs kids at home!!" ahahahah which is funny since it's public television!
honey i honestly dont know how you stay home with two kids all day. i've been doing it for a month now with just emmie and we're so darned sick of each other--and we've been busy. and doing it with no tv...yeah you rock!

Dominica said...

Ratatouille- (however you spell it)is quality