Thursday, May 20, 2010

From My BACK PORCH Looking In :)

I guess technically it would be from my bedroom looking OUT. But let me post a few pics about WHY my bedroom is my favorite room in our house:

I can literally sit on my bed (or the chair- which I JUST got today at a garage sale) and let Maeve play on our back porch.

When Ryan, my dad and I were laying out house plans I was adamant that I wanted a deck coming off of our bedroom. Bigger dreams include a hot tub... but for now, a kiddie pool and a slide will do just fine. :) I spent many a hot summer day (last summer...big and preggo) sitting on the floor watching Maeve play while I got to enjoy the coolness of the house.

Now, with Mr.Man in the McCrew it will be SUPER nice to stick him in the jumperoo right next to me, open the back door and let Maeve go at it. Both of my kids within eyesight and both of them entertained... doesn't get much better than that :)

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Leslie Collins said...

fun! i wish we had a deck off of our bedroom. we haven't filled our pool yet, but reyna is playing in her watertable as i type. :) i am loving this weather.