Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Don't Ask.... just DON'T! :)

I'm sure you can guess by the pics what happened at our house today...

Here's what you need (well I guess you don't NEED to know & you may not even WANT to know... but,) to know:

Maeve named them: Orange & Blue.

Ryan is ticked. Like really, really ticked.

And I love the bubbling & humming sound it makes. I love it so much I want to move the tank into our room... I think it would put me to sleep.


Jessica Perry said...

So funny you got a fish! I think it's fun. Maybe we'll get Jordan one!

Dominica said...

What a cool mom. You guys have pets-galore. I'm so anti-pets right now. I'm afraid something would get eaten, bruised or just vanished