Friday, April 9, 2010

the shoe/diaper deal!

This is truuuuly a great deal- and thanks SHELBY for hooking me up with it!

SO here goes...
FIRST, go to There are 2 things you need to know prior to "shopping." First, there is a promotional code FIRST49 -this will take $10.00 off for FIRST TIME CUSTOMERS ONLY (which I happened to be) your purchase of 49.00 or more. THEN there is a 2nd code SPRING40 (which expires on 4/11 and can be used by ANYONE- not just first time customers) that takes 40% off of shoes or clothing when you purchase a pack of diapers!!!

Here's how my deal worked out:

I bought THESE, THESE, and THESE. I also got a pack of diapers (Huggies- 9.99... BUT if you have a newborn or a baby on the way, you can get a pack of Luvs for 6.99 to make it cheaper!) First enter the code FIRST49- that will take 10.00 off. And then, by buying the pack of diapers, and entering the code SPRING40 it automatically takes each pair of shoes down (40% OFF!!!!- which meant 7.50 Robeez, SKR, etc.) So my total was 27 even- and got free shipping because (originally) the order was over 49.00! Get it? If not, message me!

Happy shopping!

Oh- and if you do end up doing "the deal" let me know what shoes you get!! I am curious to see what your totals came out to w/ buying different shoes/diapers :)


Angie said...

Yes, and thanks for the info. I spent a little more but I'm so excited to see them.

Marathon Mom said...

Ashley -- I got these:

and these(for fall)

Plus these for a baby shower gift:

and a package of newborn huggies to go with our shower gift for $36.

Alissa & Josh said...

Thanks for the info, Ashley! I got a cute Carter Sunflower romper, flower Robeez, a pink tunic and bloomer set, plus diapers for $23!! That's great :) Can't wait til it's hot for her to wear her new clothes.