Saturday, April 3, 2010

Ash McKenney Had a Farm...


Don't ask me why, but I've been craving me some farm life. Wednesday morning, we (as in me & the kids) were sitting at home with literally not a THING to do. Now, I'm about to admit a biiiiigggg mommy secret here- I'm a tad ashamed to admit it- but I'm going to be honest here... sometimes, when there is nothing to do, Maeve has me on my last nerve (meaning she's pitched her 10000 tantrum, the house is trashed, she's gotten into my makeup for the 4000th time and Henry's screaming for...who knows what) I pack them into the car, turn on a DVD (portable dvd player on the back of the carseat- best purchase ever) and DRIVE. DRIVE, DRIVE, DRIVE. Maeve watches her movie, Henry sleeps, I swing by Starbucks and all is good again. Is that terrible that I resort to restraining my kids in their car seats and driving around to get a break??? Eeek... I hope not.

Anywho, after my run by Starbucks (I've become a fan of those dark cherry mochas- SO GOOD) I had the choice of turning left (South) or right(North). Which direction do you think I picked?? SOUTH. DUH.

I drove until I reached South Jackson and took S.Jax ALLLLLLLLLL the way to Somerset. Yup- it was a good 30 minute drive. Maeve was totally into "Pinnochio" and Henry was sleeping. We saw lots of cows, horses, sheep, chickens, etc. And I made sure to point them all out to Maeve- because heaven forbid she missed seeing a cow. Along with looking at old barns & animals, I was listening to Taylor Swift & daydreaming about owning my own chunk of land someday. Why do I want farm land? Isn't that just one more thing to take care of? Well, yes. It is. BUT I desperately need some space. Our family needs room to run, roam and explore. I am planning on homeschooling (no comments please! -unless they're loving comments of course :) and I want my kids to learn through experience. LOTS of experiences. Such experiences, I hope that a giant piece of land could give them. Because... on a giant piece of land we could own some of THESE. Because nothing is better than farm fresh eggs. And of course with a house full of chickens we'll need a giant man rooster to keep the lady hens all happy.

I also want one of THESE pretty little thangs. Why? Well, look at them- they're adorable. But I have always, ALWAYS wanted one. And I've heard they're smarter than dogs. So why not? :)

In fact, in the midst of all my daydreaming, I even caught myself wanting one of THESE! A silo!?!?! Yup... why would I want/need a silo? Purely for looks. But LOOK- they are beautiful, eh?? I also would adore a couple of these suckers. Just so we can, ya know, see what direction the wind is blowing!?! :)

Really, though- and this is being totally serious. I WANT A FIELD. A GIANT, HUGE, GARGANTUAN-sized FIELD. One that we could plant a beautiful vegetable garden in... one that kids could run through... one that our hens & our teacup piggy could graze in... ohhhhhh... how I long for a field.

After reaching our "destination" (keep in mind, there really was no destination) Somerset, I pulled off at the famous McCourtie Park. GASP- believe it or not, I had only been there once. The park kind of creeps me out- I felt like someone was watching us the entire time. I know- strange, but we were the only ones there and I was totally picturing the cops finding our empty jeep like two days later, parked outside & us being the new "Dateline" story on Friday night. ANYWAYS, I managed to get a couple of pics of Maeve enjoying the freedom of romping and roaming all over the park. Poor Henry was trapped in his stroller and endured quite the bumpy ride over all the non-stroller friendly bridges. He was a trooper though and stayed asleep the entire time.
Here are some pics from our morning:

All Maeve really cared to do was run, run, run- and find sticks. She found piles and piles of sticks. She waved them up in the air, hit the bridges with them, threw them into the stream.... yeah. All in all, it was a fab morning. It just happened to flood me with the desire to live on a farm. Sigh...

The good news is, FLORIDA :) has lots and lots of farmland for sale. We're actively looking for a nice plot. Whether or not things will fall into place... well that's not my work. So, we're praying. And hoping. And praying some more. :)


Becky said...

It would be nice to own a big chuck of land to do whatever you want with and let the kids run around on. I always think about that when I watch "Little People Big World"--I love that show and they have done SOO much on their land and the kids have had great experiences because of it...and have learned a lot too :)

About homeschooling....would you like to homeschool my kids too?, I have always been for public schools but lately I've just been hearing awful things where I live about happenings at the high schools and now I'm second guessing myself...

Dominica said...

Go for it!!!!!!