Friday, March 12, 2010


I've been kind of blogstalking through a friend's (Alissa) blog and have been reading about a little girl fighting that ugly disease called cancer. Her name is Maggie and I've been following her story for a year or so now. She's been stable but within the past week took a major turn for the worse. I don't know Maggie. I don't know her parents. I do know we have a God who heals. And that's exactly what she needs so, so desperately right now. So please say a prayer for Maggie and her parents. I can't fathom the nightmare they're living in. You can find her blog by either clicking on the link in this post (Maggie) or by clicking on Alissa's name and linking off of her blog to "Maggies Journey To Healing."

Thanks blogreaders :)


Alissa & Josh said...

Thanks for this blog, Ashley. And for your prayers. It's so hard to read about what is happening to little Maggie!

Ashley said...

no problem Alissa- I've been following her for so long and even though I don't know her, it was such a shock to hear whats been happening. I just can't imagine.

Angie B said...