Friday, March 12, 2010

Some Extras.

Here are few really, super random "extras" that I meant to throw in to a post sometime this week but just never got around to doing so...

1st: I was reminded by Sadies post (which for some reason I can't link!) that I had yet to post a picture of my "word art" that I had taken in Florida. Here's a pic:

Hopefully you can tell what it says... if not, "McKenney" is the magic word :)

A few highlights from the week include...

-finding a pair of navy blue Robeez for Mr. Man from Sears for a whopping $4.19!!!!! (I didn't even know Sears sold Robeez...:)

-watching Maeve tame the "snakes" (aka belts) in our closet. She had lined them all up perfectly on our bottom rack & was making hissing noises when I snapped these pics:

nothing beats an imagination from a two year old! :)

-discovering my new favorite flavor Larabar... PB&J. OMG. SO.GOOD. Have you tried Larabars??? If not, get your mitts on one pronto. You can get a HUGE flavor selection at Kroger- and let me telly you- they're awesome. They have literally 2-3 ingredients per bar (usually dates,almonds and some sort of fruit)- so they're totally natural and very, very filling. Oh and also very, very good. A PERFECT morning or afternoon snack :) My other fave. flavors are "Cashew Cookie" and "Coconut Cream Pie."

-Amazon hunting for THIS. Written in 1940 (1940!) this just happens to be Maeve's fave library book. Go figure... a book written so long ago that (I thought) it was going to cost an arm and a leg to buy... but I found it for a few bucks! :) WAHOO! She loves it & I can't wait for it to arrive so we can read it at home.

-I have mastered the single, double and triple crochet. As well as the "lovers knot" and a few other crochet clusters (THANK YOU YOUTUBE!). I am happy to say I am a quarter of the way done with a HUGE blanket for Henry. I will post a picture of the finished product as soon as its done (which may be about a year...) because my GOSH does it take a lot of time to crochet.

This weekend we're hopefully laying low. I've had a stomach ache for a few days now (I think its either because of a new med or something I picked up from the childrens museum). I want to work on Henry's blanket, get outside with Maeve and rent a few movies.

Hope you all have a great weekend! :)


Jessy Schoch said...

Can't wait to see the blanket!! I love to crochet, I've made my kids blankets (haven't got around to Max's yet, bad mom)!! I love to do it in the winter while we watch TV that way the blanket keeps me warm :)

Sadie said...

Love your sign! Does Sears have very many Robeeez left? Thank goodness for Sears, they were the only ones with snow boots left when Jake's fell apart a few weeks ago.

Ashley said...

Sadie- I got mine off They still had navy blue ones last time I checked (in size 0-6 mo!)