Thursday, March 18, 2010

I Owe You!

I failed miserably at blogging this week! And I owe you a huge, long post with a ton of pictures... and really, I promise I will post something more substantial tonight. For the moment, I need to post a recipe:

St.Patty's Day in the crockpot (I like to call it):

-1 Corned beef brisket (the kind in the plastic wrap WITH the seasonings already in it)
-red or yellow potatoes, cubed or hunked up
-1 head of cabbage, again all hunked up into wedges
-baby carrots

NOW... get ready for this- its tricky! Throw it ALL in the crockpot, (beef on bottom, veggies piled all around it) and then fill the crockpot with water until it covers the beef.

Cook on low 7-8 hours.

THAT'S HOW EASY ST.Patty's Day can be! :)

Now... if only I had posted that yesterday. Or the day before :) whoops.

I did not cook this meal yesterday because of my horrible experience with it last March. I was newly pregnant (didn't even know it yet) and downed a HUGE meal of corned beef and cabbage. Guess what decided to make its appearance later in the evening?? Yup. The corned beef & cabbage. I got sick on a lot of things during both pregnancies but for some reason the few things that I can't eat are corned beef & cabbage, black olives and BBQ ribs. I had a bad experience with all of those food items... BLAH.

Like I said... more thoughtful post to come later tonight... for now, this is what ya get :)


Angela said...

Thanks for posting. I have had my hunk-o-beef waiting for me, but I've had a busy week so I couldn't really make it until this weekend anyway. I'm excited to try it :)

Dominica said...

Wow! Isn't it crazy how those normaly yummy foods you do like do you in when you're pregnant. I have the adverse effect the foods I usually can't stand I love when I'm pregnant like..Subway-eek and anything with vinegar in it.