Monday, March 22, 2010

Not Me Monday.

Even though "MckMama's" blog is kind of driving me crazy lately, I am participating in her "Not Me Monday" linky thing because I had a few really good "NOT ME" moments this past weekend :).

(this will be bullet style)

-I did not race out the door the second Ryan got home today to go refill Henry's zantac and then proceed to not only pick up his script, but also swing by starbucks and cruise downtown Jackson in the rain, scoping out possible photography potential. And then when I got home from picking up his rx, I certainly did NOT tell Ryan that the reason it took me an hour and 20 minutes was because there was a long line at the pharmacy... haha... not me :)

-I did NOT break down and buy Taylor Swift's "Fearless" CD. I also did not crank it up with both my kids in the car, roll my windows down and rock out to "You Belong With Me."

-While grocery shopping at Kroger on Saturday I did NOT rifle through my purse for every single spare penny (and I mean EVERY PENNY) just to count out 3.50 for a box of thin mint girl scout cookies. ...I need to make a mental note right here to make sure to always carry at least a few bucks in cash for "emergencies" such as this :)

-I did not smash up a banana and let Henry take a few bite fulls. That would be against the "rules."

-I did not jump around in a circle, squealing with delight in my kitchen when a "CLIENT" asked me to take some family pictures in LUDINGTON this summer!!! (travel, accommodations & PAYMENT included) OMG :)

-I did not get so excited when I completed that hot mess of a crocheted hat the other night that I tried it on Mr.Henry (yes with the giant flower) just to see ya know, how it looked :)

-and finally.... I certainly did NOT spend an entire Sunday afternoon listing out the pros and cons to Ryan about getting Maeve a bunny for Easter. And noooooo I did not go and pout in my room when he said no.

There ya have it... that's my list :) Where's yours???


The Williams said...

Ashley - love the "not me" list. We got our kids a bunny for Christmas 4 years ago, big mistake. I thought it was a great idea, but the bunny was NOT child friendly (I wish someone would have told me), it just turned out to be one more thing to take care of. Good luck!

Jessica Perry said...

You're a reading your blog posts!

Becky said...

great post! btw, i'm a huge Taylor Swift fan! I even went to her concert last year :)

Dominica said...

I love the whole not me Monday idea....but seriously no bunny?