Sunday, March 21, 2010

Our Weekend... ahhhh :)


My word of choice to sum up the past 2 days. PURE BLISS. Friday, I had a great day hopping around town (SOLO) while my mom watched the kiddos. I got some MUCH needed errands done and crossed off my list and I think retrieved some sanity somewhere in between the coffee run by Starbucks and the stroller-less/non-screaming browsing around Kohls. I was even able to pick up a copy of Taylor Swift's"Fearless" and listen to it CRANKED up on the drive home. And let me tell you... it's a GREAT album and I'm officially addicted to the song "Best Day." It's on repeat. Unfortunately it generates a lot of tears so... I'm constantly teary eyed :)

My mom offered to watch the kids Friday NIGHT as well so Ryan and I could get a much needed night out. We don't get that nearly as often as we need it. I would rather have an uninterrupted night of adult conversation, hand holding, laughter and a margarita (or two) than a new car. REALLY. That's how DESPERATE I am for adult interaction! haha :) I say this all the time- but let me say it again- I would never, ever trade my days home with my kids. I have the option of going back to work but I can't bring myself to do it. I cherish my days with the kids... WITH THAT SAID- I am also finding myself craving adult time. Ya know- time where I don't have to watch every single word that comes out of my mouth... or time where I don't have my 2 year old climbing on top of me, yanking my LARABAR out of my hand... grrr :)

Ryan and I had a great "date night" at Applebees. The fabulous Angie was our server so it was great to catch up with her as well. I ate my weight in Wonton chicken tacos... dear Lord those things are good.

After Applebees we headed off to Kohls. We picked up Maeve a new pair of pony p.j.'s, Henry a teether and a few boxes of K-cups. :)

When we got back to my parents house, Maeve had been bathed and was passed out on the couch in her princess Tiana pajamas. My mom asked if she could just stay the night... Ummmm... for all of you who know me, I'm a bit of a control freak. Maeve has only spent the night away from home ONCE- and that was when I was in the hossy with Henry. After going around and around in circles, I finally relented and let Maeve stay the night. Let me just say... I think we'll be doing this more often! :)

Maeve had a blast and WE (Ryan and I) slept in until- get this- TEN O'CLOCK. HOLY COW. That is a record. I don't think we've slept in that late since we had kids. Henry did wake up at 6 to eat- but he was back asleep in a jiffy and I hardly even remember the feeding.

Saturday, we spent the day at home... Maeve finger painted the kitchen. Yes- you heard me right- the kitchen. I made pizza for dinner and we all watched "Aladdin." It was nice. Relaxing. Uneventful for the most part (besides the acrylic paint that we spent a good half hour scraping off the kitchen cabinets). I was also able to get a few things accomplished with my crocheting. I FINALLY finished my first project- a hat for Maeve. It turned out. And I am inspired to do more! Henry's blanket is taking what seems like YEARS to finish. But I suppose it will get there in time....

to sum it all up...

We're thankful for having our family so close- its such a blessing to be able to get a break every once in awhile. I think it makes us better parents to be able to step away for a minute, let go and be a couple. :)


Dominica said...

Girl grandma's are AWESOME! Sometimes it sucks though bc I really want to talk to my mom and there are five or more children yanking on her. lol that's why I love my playdates but there is nothing like good fellowship with out the kiddos. Speaking of which...maybe I should host a ladies/mom/girlfirend night....but everyone is so busy and I feel like I'm the only one completely at home ALL the time lol. Idk, just a thought.

Sarah said...

We always request angie...isn't that strange that we know and like the same server there? She was prego at the same time as me the first time...and then the second time I got prego, she did a little after me too. She is SO nice to us and always remembers us. she even bought us dessert one time we ate there....:)