Saturday, March 27, 2010

Mr.Man's WCC

Henry had his "well child check" yesterday morning (preceded by my Michigan heart appointment... more on that later).

He was a happy babe through the whole appointment... we got the go-ahead for SOLIDS- not just rice cereal (which I started a couple of weeks ago) but SOLIDS- WOW! I was shocked and happy! :) When Dr.Williams asked how much food he's taking and I replied with "ohhh, about 30-35 oz." She looked a little surprised and said it was time to start him on some stage one foods :)

This kid means business when he eats and I had this feeling he needed more than just his bottle. We're on day 2 of peas and he's loving them. And I mean, LOVING THEM. He attacks the spoon and has the strength of 10 babies as he tries to shove the goods in. And here's what shocked me most- he eats the peas like he's been eating for years. He, on his first day of eating solids, did better than Maeve ever really did with baby food. He knows just how to take it in, gum it, and swallow it. He's definitely a foodie.

He got 1 out of 2 shots yesterday and he took 'em like the manly man he is. Just a few quick tears and then was settled as soon as a paci was stuck in his mouth. We didn't get the prevnar because apparently its been recalled. Scary. But Dr. Williams told me that it was recalled because of the color of the caps. Hmmm... anyways glad we avoided that one for now because as the nurse put it, "prevnar is the 'bad' one." I am all for vaccinating, but it still scares the heebie jeebies out of me that one of these days the vaccinations will be proven to cause something in kids.

ANYWHO, onto big boy's stats:

at 4 months (and a week) Henry is weighing in at 15 lbs. 2 oz. (50th percentile in weight)

he is 26 inches long (75th percentile in height)

and... totally forgot his head circumference. I DID ask for the doc to make sure it looked okay because to me, it looks a little bulgy but she said it was on track and all babies have a little bit of head distortion. She said the more he's on his tummy the more it will "even out."

rolling from front to back
rolling from back to front

His skin is looking AWESOME! YEA!!!!!!! Dr.Williams thinks its a combo of the 5% cream and the weather. She told me to continue using the cream ONLY on the "bad spots" as needed. She also told us to continue with the zantac.

...and that about sums it up right now :) Again, we're thankful and feeling incredibly blessed to have 2 healthy & happy kids.


Kase and Jules said...

He is a BIG boy! I am so glad that his skin is feeling better :) One a side note, I love your last post. SO honest! I remember you being so worried about all of that but I KNEW you would adore having a sweet little man :) Love ya chicky.

Angie B said...