Monday, March 29, 2010

things said.

Here is a sampling of things that have been said around here lately:

"Please don't step on my face, that hurts." -me talking to Maeve

"Henry doesn't eat pizza." take a wild guess who I'm talking to :).

"Poo poo's belong IN the potty or your diaper, not in your cottage."

"Henry doesn't want to stomp his feet right now, even if he's happy."

"Momma good job! You got your poo poos out!" (this was IN the Meijer restroom- and JFYI I was not going #2- but apparently anything that goes in the potty is "poo poo."

"Momma! I am so prettiful like Sleeping Beauty! And Cinderella! And Princes Jasmine! And Pocahontas! And Ariel!" etc. etc. etc. I'm glad she has a high self esteem :)

"IT'S ALLLLLLL POOOOOTANG!" (when something is scary, she still shouts this. Even though we've worked hard with the correct pronunciation "PRETEND!")

Me: "Good Lord Maeve."
Maeve replies with: "Good morning Momma!" then I smile and feel super guilty about saying "good Lord" in the first place...

pointing at my zits..."Ohhhh Momma got boo boos?" nice.

Me:"Maeve, can dadda come to Disney?"
Maeve: "Oh yes!"
Me: "Can momma come to Disney?"
Maeve: "Oh sure!"
Me: "Can baby Henry come to Disney?"
Maeve: "nooooooo." - I swear she really does love him :)

and one last conversation for ya:

Me: "Maeve the Easter bunny is coming to see you.
Maeve: "Oh my! Happy birthday to Mae-mae!!!"

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