Friday, February 19, 2010

What gets me...

EXCITED now-a-days?

-a good poop (NOT from me... but from Henry :)
-the kid(s) sleeping in until 7:30
-Maeve eating dinner and not throwing it on the floor
-a diaper "deal"
-taking a shower by myself
-getting a new lens for my camera (just got the ef 50mm/1.8) :)
-play dates
-making a good dinner or finding a new, yummy recipe
-fabric, fabric, fabric
-Henry's new smiles
-new words or phrases from Maeve ("You're kiddin' me!") have (1) message/inbox on facebook :)
-being frugal
-seeing endless creative possibilities with my sewing machine! :)
-the idea of moving (hopefully)
-finding a new activity for Maeve that keeps her happy and occupied for more than 5 minutes. (our latest is coloring on the fireplace with sidewalk chalk- Ryan LOVES this one!)
-oh, speaking of Ryan, he's finally accepted my "invitation" to read this blog... that excites me. What would excite me even more is if he would perhaps post a comment!?!?! :) You CAN DO IT!
-having more kids (down, way down the line)
-thinking about Disney World... (HUGE surprise here)
-thinking about all the bins from the basement I've emptied this past week. Progress, people, progress.
-finishing my degree in Biology
-getting my wisdom teeth out on my right side.
-red bin sales at Gymboree
-cute coffee mugs that have a good weight to them. (for some reason my k-cups just taste better when they're being drunk from a cute, good weighted mug :)
-friends stopping by to chat and have a cup of coffee (yea Leslie!)
-settling in bed for the night and realizing I have hours and hours of fabulous DVR'd shows to catch up on
-bath bombs from BATH JUNKIE
-wearing my old size bra (no this has not happened yet, but I am SO ready to say "BUH-BYE" to these granny bras)
-warm weather (hasn't happened yet either...but still excites me)
-the fact that my dog (Lola) hasn't pooped or peed in the house for a LONG time now. THAT'S EXCITING.
-upcoming weddings this summer
-preggo friends :)
-coming up with possible future baby names that go swell with "Maeve & Henry."
-selling on Etsy. And coming up with a name for the shop :)
-the UPS man (no- not the UPS man himself, but the goodies that come with the UPS man).
-the fact that my life is returning to "normal" :) -meaning I'm not preggo, planning on being preggo anytime soon and we have a semi-scheduled day.
-losing weight (don't get me started on this one... but I SWEAR its going to happen one day)... and that's exciting.
-new blog posts from friends (TOTAL blog stalker).
-Maeve asks to wear dresses in the morning.
-Maeve loves ballet and asks to go to "dance."

...I think this list could go on for hours. But Maeve's done eating breakfast and Henry's ready for his. So tell me, what excites YOU "these days?"


Angela said...

I like your list. It is so funny to see how much our lists have changed in the last few years :)

I don't know what weddings you have this summer, but I hope one of the ones you're excited about is the one Maeve is supposed to be in on August 14. Lindsey is worried you changed your mind (which is fine if you did) but she would really like to touch base and talk about details if you're still interested.

I am excited about...
-Graduating in a few short months and being done with school after SEVEN YEARS!!!!
-Being a DPT
-Getting a job (but not finding one)
-Having an income after 3 years of being poor
-My very own apartment for just me and Ziya
-Reducing my dosage on my meds
-Going off meds!!!???
-Spring break to St. Thomas
-1 year of freedom and counting
-A future full of possibilities
-Seeing my best friend, her amazing husband (who I would say is also a good friend), and their adorable kids sooner than later.

Love you :)

Leslie Collins said...

LOVE your list. I need to make one of these.:)

Love our coffee dates, as well. :) See you later on today as a matter of fact. :)

Ashley said...

BAHAHAH ANG you need to start blogging! I LOVE your list!!!!!!! Every single item is a great thing :) And yes, its hilarious how much our lives have changed over the years! And no... haven't changed my mind about Lindsey's wedding this summer- that's the wedding I was actually talking about in my list. She called the day I left for FL and I have been horrible (surprise surprise) about getting back to her! AHHH I will facebook her right now!

Les- I'm putting the kids down NOW... and waiting for coffee time!!! :)

Mallory said...

oooh i like this!
let's see, my list:

-my 22 best friends/first graders :)
-my amaaazing church & the friends i've made there
-traveling. especially europe and warm places
-the feeling after a work out (not working out, i hate and rarely actually work out, but i like the feeling!)
-seeing my dad :) and visiting you all too :)
-dogs. duh.
-the future excites me most cause the present just isn't cutting it for me. (have you heard THE news of my miserable month? the latest is just the worst! if not, i'm sure you will from your dad soon...i refuse to talk about it).
i'm sure there are lots more, but i doubt you care :)
love youuu!

Becky said...

I like your list! Blog stalking is on my list. I am totally guilty of blog stalking you.
other things that excite me:
-my family is coming to visit me next week!
-all of my travels planned in the next couple of months.
- becoming more fluent in Italian.
- living in a beautiful city.
- walking through medieval street everyday.
- warm weather is on the way!
- Justin doing the dishes all the time.
- a stack of good books to read.
- my mom bringing me a 2.5# bag of m&m's.
- getting mail.

There are plently more. Maybe I will have to do a blog post on this. Thanks for the idea. :)

Ashley said...

hey Becky! I always see that someone from Italy visits the blog... and I know its you! :) Glad to see you post!!! :) I like your list too:)

Jessy Schoch said...

I got the 50mm 1.8 and am in LOVE with it also!!

Hmmm..things that excite me nowadays..

-my kids sleeping past 6:00am
-a blood sugar reading of 98 :)
-when Max lets me cuddle him like a baby
-exploring this new city with my kids
-watching the kids in sports
-10 min's of peace and quiet
-thinking of loosing weight :)
-planning trips and little get aways
-I look forward to the mornings when I walk outside and the sun is shining and the bird's are chirping!! I love that about living here!!
-learning how to actually work my camera
-watching Jack turn into a wonderful young man
-having "girl" time with Olivia
-and laughing our butt's off at Harrison and his witty little self
-having my "Mommy and Max" time

Love your list!! By the way read those posts from her husband..freaky guy!!!

Ryan said...

I guess you forced my hand babe, so here goes...

-Sunday mornings with our family
-Gourmet pizzas made by my wife the chef, followed by a movie (which I PROMISE I will stay awake for next time).
-Tucking Maeve in at night.
-Waking up with "Hank the Tank" who grins from ear to ear while I fumble around trying to change his diaper.
-Date nights
-Evening road trips with the whole clan prompted by my thrifty wife's craigslist purchases. (As long as these trips remain infrequent)
-Planning vacations
-Visiting our families
-Finishing the basement

These are just a few. I've lost my train of thought after the Jimmy Buffett debacle this morning. I'll see you soon!

Kase and Jules said...

Awesome!! I might do a blog post with mine ;)

Dominica said...

I'm so excited about...

Watching Joe devour his dinner like he's never eaten before-part of a growing boy I guess. I just sit and watch him eat-weird huh?

Going to Greater Bible Way Temple and really connecting with the word and having my soul touched

Blogstalking EVERYBODY-I hope that's allowed-oops

Hearing Benjamin ask to eat pizza everyday-where does he get this?

Hearing Joe read esp to his bro's -Makes me feel like a good parent

Snuggling with my mom-I know,I know....what can I say I'm a little spoiled

Late night nursing,snuggle, tickle sessions with Fatty. He cracks me up bc he fights his sleep now and will roll away when he knows I'm trying to nurse him to sleep. little stink butt!

Thursday prayer and choir rehersals

Summer-and I can't stand hot weather BUT I love fairs and festivals!

Learning to be more frugal-"I'm a a single mom that needs to shop like a single mom"-hint hint...Would love a frugal lesson from you Ashley!

Opening another BUA

Growing my natural again

Catching up on me ie..going back to school,catching up on my library,gardening,new recipies

Mostly though I can't wait to have my rocord expunged and be off probation-ugh!

Becky said...
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