Sunday, February 21, 2010

Maeve Tells Me All About It.

"We go to Cinderella's castle?"


"Nana & Poppa come!"

"What about ride on the spooky house?"

"What about Pirates?"

"No WAY! How about teacups?"

Yes. She is excited for Disney. Yes. She is going to be thoroughly disappointed when my mom and dad (nana & poppa) aren't there. Yes. We will be riding the teacups for 5 days straight.

-one last non-"Disney/post" related note! I changed the blog layout which is apparently causing some confusion! AHHH! Let me know if you want me to revert back to the old layout!


Kase and Jules said...

She is so pretty!!!!!!!!!!

Jessy Schoch said...

Don't change it, it's so cute!! I just know that you're . now :) Looks like you have huge Disney fan on your hands!! Are you guys having breakfast with the princesses??