Thursday, February 18, 2010

our day (thus far)

Lets see...

I've been practicing using my sewing machine by making these "simple" tag blankies. I say "simple" in quotations because I have yet to make a perfect one. I've made three and each one has a flaw of some sort. And yeah, flaws are fine for my kids- in fact, I actually LIKE the fact that each taggie has its own character and story behind it, but I'd really like to refine my sewing skills. You'll notice in my pics of the blankies that they're always folded or positioned in a way that you can't see my mess ups! :) haha! Thankfully I have a friend who is coming to help me out on Monday... THANKS LEEANN!!! I am SUPER excited for my sewing lesson!

Here's the story behind the 3 tag blankies...
1- I think they're adorable and thought they'd be super easy to make. I had wanted to get one for Henry but again, that whole paying 25 dollars at "Anna's" for a blanket with ribbons attached to it just seemed a tad sickening to me. I opted instead for buying some super cute fabric and ribbons and making it myself.

2- I tried to go with a jungle-ish theme for Henry's. I love the soft flannel fabric and the orange ribbons. It matches his room and he already likes to chew on the ribbons. :)

3- Maeve does not need a tag blanket. She is not teething, developing sensory skills like Henry or an infant trapped in a carseat/stroller. BUT, I have to have things "even" around here. Therefore, Maeve had to have a blankie too. Maeve likes really obnoxious things. In fact, I think she would have done a back flip if I would have made her tag blankie with "Tinker Bell" fabric and "Mickey Mouse" ribbon. Blah... I decided to go with a cow theme for hers. She has this thing for cows, so I thought she'd like it. HER tag blankie is a bit crazy. I, umm... lets see... had two beers (LIGHT beers) while I was sewing (this is so common sense, but DON'T DRINK & SEW! :) I completely forgot to put the fabric "holder" thingy down (haha I don't even know what its called! The foot or something?) anyways the stitches went CRAZY. And I didn't even realize it until I was half way around the blanket... so I just finished it that way. It actually turned out pretty cute- and has a lot of character. The stitches almost look like they were supposed to be that way- like moo cow spots or something :) Maeve decided bedtime wasn't until 11 PM last night so I was able to finish it and go in to give it to her before she fell asleep. She loved it, regardless of the crazy stitches :) And she stayed up for an extra fifteen minutes perfecting her "MOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Today, she's developed a fondness for the blankie and its kind of melting my heart :) I loooove that I MADE her something that she loves! :) She keeps tucking her farm animals in "bed" ... as well as torturing Lola with it. It's cute.

4- the yellow/brown tag blankie is my personal fave. No funny story behind that one- it just came from some scrap fabric.

Besides making blankets, I've also been entertained with watching Maeve torture Lola. I mean, she doesn't really torture her, but she likes to dress her up and sit on her, etc. It's good for some cute pics :)

Maeve and Henry both have colds... oh and so do I- I think that just comes with "mom territory" though. If anyone has a way to take care of your kids without catching their illness PLEASE let me know! :) We've spent the entire day cooped up inside... I'm praying both kids feel better by the weekend. I REALLY wanted to get out with Ryan and DO something. I guess we'll see.

Oh... here are some more pics:

The other exciting news of the day is that I've discovered my fave. new lunch. Thanks to KROGER for having avocados on sale for a buck this week... I threw them in with some chopped up tomatoes, feta cheese and light Italian dressing for a delish salad/meal of some sort. It was good. Fast. Cheap. :) MY FAVE THINGS! :)

Here's a pic:

I'll leave you with this pic of Henry... I think it speaks for itself, but in case it doesn't, I'll speak:

"Peace Out Girl Scout!" :)


Dominica said...

Hey did you make Henry's onesie-that's cute! How much would you sell them for on Etsy? I think a tag blanket would help Fatty with his oral fixation-it's ridiculous.

Angie B said...

love the pics