Thursday, February 18, 2010


Are you having a flashback? Deja-vu perhaps? Like you've seen the title to this post before on my blog? No worries my friends, this is the 2nd time (no wait- the 3rd?) that we've had to call poison control. THIS time it was not on Maeve though... on HENRY. Yup- I'm sure you're thinking "How the heck did Henry get into something?" We all remember Maeve eating the air freshener plug in thing at the age of one... or taking a bite of Ryan's deodorant... but exactly HOW did Henry get his claws on something? Let me entertain you for a second (or a minute...)

Both of our kids have some icky colds right now (runny noses, coughs, that overall miserable look) and I just started feeling sick myself last night. I went to bed feeling super congested, coughing and with a sore throat. I had given Maeve "Triaminic" YES I am one of those moms that gives their 2 year old cough medicine- it was half the dose (1 tsp) AND approved by her doc (so really.... I don't wanna hear it!:) I had taken tylenol PM and was still feeling like junk. So when Henry woke up at midnight to eat, and was struggling with the sniffles and a really horrible cough, I kicked Ryan awake and asked him to change Henry's diaper and get him some tylenol.

Ryan brought Henry back, all swaddled, changed and with the medicine dropper in his hand. Even as tired and sick as I was feeling, I noticed something was up with it- the meds leftover in the dropper were red- not purple, like his INFANT tylenol should be. Here's how our conversation went:

Me: "Why are you using that dropper and why is it red?"

Ryan: "You told me to give him tylenol."

Me: "Yeah- his tylenol is purple and that's not the dropper that comes in the bottle."

Ryan: "Oh well it's motrin I think."

Me: "No, all of our motrin is the dye free kind... not red. What the heck did you give him?"

Ryan: "Let me check..."

Me: in my mind...("holy bleeeeep. Bleeep. Bleeep.")

Ryan: "It was childrens tylenol, told you!"

Me: "CHILDRENS tylenol- as in for CHILDREN- like Maeve! Not infant tylenol!! HOLY CRAP HOW MUCH DID YOU GIVE HIM???"

Ryan: "ummm a dropper full?"

Me: "That's two teaspoons! Call poison control."

Ryan: "Whoops. Okay."

So at 1 AM or so, we both were standing in the kitchen, reading the tiny print on the bottle of childrens tylenol, and waiting for the poison control lady to calculate his weight and the amount he received. After about 5 minutes she "cleared" us and we let out a sigh of relief. I KNOW it would be hard to overdose on tylenol but Henry's only 10 weeks old! MY GOSH- I was thinking he was going to go into liver failure or something. The PC lady took our name and Henry's name (in my sleep deprived, sick state, I was thinking "Woah are they going to report us or something???") and then I remembered that no, they don't report you, they send you a magnet with a skull and cross bones on it with the number to poison control- like we don't have it memorized by now...

ohhhhhhh geeesh. Anyways how am I going to make it through today? Here's a hint:

a lot of it. a lot.

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Leslie Collins said...

Oh, no! Glad he is okay.

And yes, I am one of those mama's who gives out a little cold meds to Reyna now and then, too. :)