Monday, February 1, 2010

"Here I go Again on my OWN!!!"

Well not REALLY on my own- but without my second half! Its another vacay with just my kids & I (and my mom). I'm excited. I need out of this cold. But its always a tad scary taking that leap onto the plane and away from the comfort and familiarity of home. Especially when Ryan stays home (which he does 99% of the time). Our plan of action for this vacation is as follows:
tomorrow afternoon arrive in Orlando.
drive to Crescent City... relax. swim. eat. relax. swim. eat. (repeat for 3 days)
on Saturday we'll be driving back to Orlando for 2 days at DISNEY. Not much relaxing to be done there... BUT its DISNEY GOSH DARNIT! :) I can't wait!

Unfortunately, my grandma lives in a town the size of a poppy seed. Click HERE to see it on a map. And click HERE to get an idea of the kind of town it is. LOTS of old homes. No hotels, only bed & breakfasts, 2 restaurants, one gas station and a bank. SO what I'm getting at, is there is NO way I will be able to connect to the internet there. NO SIGNAL whatsoever!!! Sadly, the laptop will stay here... on Pemberton Lane. But don't despair friends, I have my camera(s) and will surely document our journey! I'm thinking that for my "return" post it might just be ALL pictures... we'll see. Anywho... you all have a fabulous week. I will do my best to RELAX and enjoy the sunshine state... & no worries, I'll even say "Hi" to Mickey for you.


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TWO of my students ditched me for Disney this week. I am so jealous that you are in St. Augustine, I need some R&R. Have so much fun; enjoy the time with all your girls & Henry too!