Saturday, January 30, 2010

no. This Hasn't Turned Into a "Look What I Made" blog

All week every post has been about me making something. I guess I've just found something therapeutically fulfilling to do during my downtime. And I'm excited about the prospect of possibly starting a store on etsy. Who couldn't use a little extra cash these days? Right now, I am working on my sewing skills (well not RIGHT now). Right this second I'm typing this post and taking a break from my KIDS sewing machine that is tangled up and making funny noises. Dang it. Over the summer I hand stitched some initial onsies for my kids. An "M" and an "H." My friend Jessy came over and said "You should sell these on Etsy!" I guess I'm still thinking that way... Although sans sewing machine because honestly, its more complicating than the rebel I just got. I challenge a 10 year old to figure this stupid thing out. However, once I DO get it figured out I am going to stitch up some more onsies, post pics of them on here and put them into the hands of my "official testers"- YOU, my lucky blog readers (sarcasm again- not about being "official testers" but being a lucky blog reader)! :)

OKAY. Right- this isn't turning into a craft blog! haha ;) Let me get back to those QUESTIONS from awhile back.

Dominica asked:What parts of you do you see in your children?
Another "thinker" of a question! Let's see. Maeve- I think hands down, anyone who knows me well can say Maeve most definitely has my personality. She is stubborn and feisty. She doesn't take no for an answer. She doesn't let anyone boss her around- she's her own free spirit. She's sensitive... she cries when I cry. She has a memory like a sponge (Ryan says that's my worst quality - I don't forget anything... it's kind of true). She's nervous. This makes me sad. I am a very nervous and anxious person. I can't just BE. And one thing I'd love for my kids is to just BE. Be happy, be themselves, be CONTENT. I am always looking for something to worry about. Let me give you an example: During the entire pregnancy with Henry I was worried about me taking medication. EVEN THOUGH I had been reassured that it would be fine, I was worried. Henry came out, he's obviously fine, not effected by the medication. Cross that "worry" off the list, right? OH no. Not me! Instead of being thankful that the medication had not immediately effected him I let my mind wander 5, 10, 15 years down the road. "WHAT IF... in 10 years they find out that women who took lexapro during pregnancy have children who are at an increased risk for.... cancer? for... autism? for.... " And the list goes on and on. I PRAY that Maeve does not suffer from the debilitating anxiety that I suffer from. I PRAY for that every day. But as mentioned above, she is a nervous little girl- she doesn't like the dark, strangers, "spooky" things, men, and the list goes on and on and on. Oh my little Maeve... please be a carefree adventurer! :)

HENRY. My boy... hmmm... what do I see in him? Right now, honestly, he's in that "blob" like state. He seems to be a tad high strung but I won't admit that he got that from me :) although... I'm sure he did. Other than that, all I can think of that resembles me in any way is his big belly and enormous appetite! :)

Okay. Back to sewing. Or lack of. :)


Dani said...

I took Lexapro during my pregnancy, too, so Matias and Henry will be in the same boat.
:-) Just kidding. I know they will be fine.

Dominica said...

As I'm reading your blog I'm still so astonished and dumbfounded and all of that of how much we have in common. Call me close minded but never in a million years would I thought I'd be talking to you after hs.-Don't take that the wrong way.

I share you same sentiments with anxiety, I was diagnosed with anxiety after a year after I had Joe and they put me on Lexapro. My mom said it took the edge off of me. I didn't continue taking it when I was pregnant with Benjamin-too scared and thought he's be crazy or something.Many African American's have an aversion to therapy and taking meds.-idk why maybe you can blog about that lol. I haven't been on it since but I think after I'm done nursing I may think about it again. I'm happy for you that you can talk about it care free and openly. Boy, do I have some stories about me trying to hide my anxiety and meds etc. Because I'm a very judgmental person I always have to worry about the dang boomerang effect.

Anyway it's always interesting to see ourselves in our children. For me at times it just makes me worry more..Benny has my temper-yikes, Joe has my sensitivity-get the Kleenex ready. I just hope that all of out children will be able to rise up to the challenges that life will bring them as it conflicts with their personalities say Maeve is afraid of strangers.....? If we ever did a playgroup or when we do these pics is she gonna scream when she she's me? Has she ever seen a African American before?-just asking? Benjamin doesn't scream he's just stares and is kinda of standoffish when he's around his Anglo-Saxon counterparts.-all the more reason he needs to go to preschool and playgroup lol

Anyhoo can't wait to see how Henry's personality shapes! Hey what are some meds NOT to take and why? I think every mommy should know from a personal account rather than the fine print of the side effects section.

Sorry I talk to dang much...I always have something to say about everything (hopeless)