Wednesday, February 10, 2010

The Diaper Deal.

Here it is... and I am going to TRY and explain it the best I can! Walgreens is SUPER tricky... even though I've been "wagging" for awhile, I still get my transactions messed up!!!

First off, in order to do this deal you HAVE TO HAVE HUGGIES MANUFACTURER coupons!!! So those of you who have been good couponers and have been clipping away, it will be easier for you & you'll be able to do the deal more. If you haven't clipped coupons or signed up at (that's where the BEST coupons come from!) search the internet for some printable coupons. Wait... did you REALLY think I'd make you SCOUR the internet? No... here's the link :) PRINT 'EM HERE!

Secondly... you need a crash course in couponing at Walgreens. At Wags, they will allow you to combine a WALGREENS IVC (instant value coupon- found at the front of the store, or in this case...mine was from a Walgreens kids coloring book (more on where to find this book later). You also earn Register Rewards- this is how you can get things at Wags for so cheap. HOWEVER- lets say you want to use 1 Register Reward, 1 Manu coupon and 1 Wags coupon on one pack of diapers, you need to have 2 "filler" items- (I used 35 cent caramels today). Get it? The amount of coupons have to match up with the amount of items.

Third... once you have your manu coupons all in order, try your hardest to find a Walgreens Kid activity book (they're sometimes located by the pharmacy). The book itself costs 1.99 I believe, but there are so many valuable coupons in it. AND the best part, you can reuse those coupons again and again! SO make sure to ask for your IVC back!!! After you have the Wags IVC Huggies coupon, you're set to go.

Here's how I did the deal... step by step:

Step one: Pick up a pack of Huggies :) and a CHEAP item (such as the 35 cent caramels!)

Step two: Go to the COSMETICS counter to pay (especially if you're in the Jax. area- they are much nicer about coupons at the cos. counter!)

Step three: Hand the cashier the huggies & 1 caramel and then your two coupons: the manu. q & the Wags IVC. Diapers are on sale this week for 8.99. With whatever manu q you have (I had 2.00 ones) and the Wags IVC, this will bring your total to 5.99 per pack- BUT WAIT! After you pay, you will receive a $3.00 Register Reward! Soooooo.... turn around and do the diaper deal again. and again. and again. (or if you have a ton of coupons like I did... 6 times!)

Step four: Hand the cashier the huggies & TWO caramels... then your coupons: the manu q. the Wags IVC, and the Register Reward. THIS time your total should come out to be $2.99. Or around there.

I decided to go a different route however, because Ryan needed some shower gel. This is what I did:

Trans #1: 1 Dove shower gel -5.99
I got back $6.00 in register rewards (that's right- its like the shower gel was FREE!)

Trans#2: 1 pack of Huggies-8.99 & 2 caramels.
I used the $6.00 RR, $2.00 Manu q, and $1.00 Wags IVC bringing my diaper total down to 86 cents. Yes folks, I paid 86 cents for a pack of diapers :) I ALSO got back the $3.00 RR.

Trans #3: 1 Dove shower gel- 5.99
I used the $3.00 RR from transaction #2 and paid $3.18. BUT got back a $6.00 RR which I then turned around and used on another pack of diapers, again paying 86 cents.

OMG that is the most confusing thing I've ever read. But I really can't figure out how to explain it any easier!! AHHH! Shelby? Any ideas??? :)


pammysue said...

Yea! I have been trying to figure out how to do this best and you explained it a ton better than the other blogs I have read! Thanks so much! PS my walgreens doesn't carry the coloring book. I checked on sunday when I went to get the paper. Thanks again!

Ashley said...

ahhh good- I hope it was explained okay!! I re-read it and thought it sounded like jibberish! AHH! My friend shelby (her blog is the paulk family over on my sidebar) just did a HUGE coupon write up. Check it out- its got some great links. But glad this helped you out :)

The Paulk's said...

Great job explaining, the only thing I notice is that you actually don't need a "filler" the first time around. So you can just buy a pack of Huggies and hand over a manuf. and the Wags. coupon. Then when you pay for the next time you only need one filler and not two...does that make sense? Also, when I bought mine, my RRs were ROLLING! I was in heaven. Not sure if they still are rolling or not.

The Paulk's said...

Oh yeah and the coloring book is actually .99, just so people don't see it and pass it up beacuse they think it should be more :)!

Ashley said...

shelby- yes the huggies RR were rolling but I needed the Dove so I just kept alternating trans! :)

For some reason my Wags IVC was beeping- they couldn't figure it out- they had to just manually lower the price of the diapers to 7.99. I wasn't sure if it was because I needed a filler item or not so I just tossed the carmels in :) Wonder why it was beeping!???

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

OK...I have a masters degree and this stuff seems so intimidating. I swear I'm going to try it, I just struggle. How do you know what items you get RR on? Its only certain items right? I tried asking the cashier there once and she seemed annoyed with me. I thought, "sorry lady, I'm just trying to figure out your system!" LOL

Alissa & Josh said...

Oh, man. I was going to do this but now it looks like the Huggies coupons are gone. Is it still worth doing it? I do have one coupon from the mail.

The Paulk's said...

Ashley, I don't know why the IVC would beep, but I read on a blog that people were having a problem with that. I, however, did not have that problem. My cashier just pumched in the numbers instead, maybe have them try that?! I also ALWAYS have them scan the IVS last, I don't know if you've read that or not, but always have them scan the manuf. coupon first and the IVC last! How many packs are you picking up?? I'd debating getting a few more.

Ashley said...

Alyssa- YES it is still worth doing because unlike MANY walgreens diaper deals this one you only have to buy one pack. So you can still get a pack for either 2.99 or 3.99 (depending on what coupons you have).

Shelby- I am actually on my way there right now (well not ON my way but going to go there after dinner is in the oven :). I have seriously an INFINITE amount of Huggies qs. And Henry is well stocked up on diapers. But since Maeve isn't wanting to potty train we keep having to buy diapers for her- so I think I'm going to get maybe 10 packs of 5's??? What about you?

The Paulk's said...

I have a ton of coupons too, and I'm thinking I'll probably get another 10 too because I definitely have enough for Lincoln and the new baby for another year. I have probably 120 packs, so I don't need a ton more. Plus, like I've said before I really am not a huge fan of Huggies, but when they're this cheap I'll take them :)! I'm going to try to have Lincoln potty trained before the baby comes too...we'll see how that goes. Ri was potty trained at 23 months, I'm not sure if I can do it with Lincoln!

Alissa & Josh said...

So, I had a disappointing Walgreen's run tonight :( First there was no coloring book! So none of those coupons. The ladies were pretty nice about explaining everything but I still don't really understand. They were saying something about you can't loop. So I did the first transaction and got my $3 RR so then I used that and the other coupon I had on the second transaction but then I couldn't get any more RRs? I thought I should be able to! Is that just how it works? (I did have another item if that was the issue?) So I got 3 of the smaller bags of diapers for around $21...not great.

Ashley said...

Alyssa- I am SO sorry you had a bad wags experience! I've had too many to count. Unfortunately sometimes when you coupon things don't work out the way you planned... its happened SO many times to me!!!

BUT with that said, DON'T GIVE UP! Your RR should have rolled. Personally, if I were you, I'd return the other pack of diapers (unless you need them) and stick with the two you got for 3.99 & 6.99... have you checked out Shelby Paulks blog? She posted a TON about couponing- maybe hers will explain it a little better?

The Paulk's said...

BAD news Ash, I just read that the Huggies RR is NO longer rolling! BUMMER! Maybe I won't be getting 10 packages anymore...we'll see. Just be aware you so don't waste your RRs!!

Ashley said...

AHHH Shelby! Thank goodness I did my stock up on Tuesday!

Alyssa- you're right the RR aren't rolling!!! :( SAD!!!!!!!