Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Side Effects of Taking Your Kids to Disney.

1. They ask constantly to see "Cinderella's Castle" and when you tell them its in Florida this is the conversation that follows:

Mae: "Go to Cinderellas Castle!"

Me: "It's in Florida Maeve."

Mae: "Lets go there!"

Me: "We can't- its in Florida Maeve."

Mae: "Let's go to Florida!"

Me: "Florida is far away. We have to go on an airplane to get there."

Mae: "Let's go to the airplane!"

Me: "We can't go on an airplane today. Airplanes are far away too."

Mae: "Lets go far away!"

Repeat. Repeat. Repeat.

2. Suddenly "normal" pancakes are no longer acceptable. They must be Mickey Mouse shaped.

3. You wake up every night at 3 AM to hear your two year old singing in vibrato "SOMEDAY MY PRINCE WILL COME!"

4. Disney toys take over. And its not good enough to just play with them. But apparently, they now need showers.(see pic below)

5. A coffee cup is no longer a coffee cup- its a teacup- and of course the discussion of "teacups" leads back to wanting to go back to Disney World to "WIIIIIDDDE THE TEEEAACUPS!"

6. Little brothers are now pirates who need to be whacked with things. (poor Henry)

7. Taking a car to get to places must be overrated because all your two year old wants to do is ride a monorail or a choo choo train.

8. Snow White dresses are completely normal attire and are no longer just worn around the house but to stores. (not worth the fight... really, its not).

9. All food and drink items must have a Disney theme. Sippy cups have to have a Disney character on them and milk must be called "Minnie Mouse milk."

10. And last, but certainly NOT least... every old woman you see at Walmart is now "the wicked witch." Yes. I am serious. Maeve has officially turned me a new shade of red in Walmart. She actually shouted, "LOOK MOMMA! WICKED WITCH!" mmmm hmmm.


amj said...

i seem to remember a certain little girl with a snow white dress addiction....:) i cant look at a snow white costume dress without thinking of you and yours. i have photos of you in it next to your playhouse with the poison apple and all :)

Angela said...

I loved this post. So cleaver and so Maeve. It made me smile :)

Jessica Perry said...

We have those same disney toys! :)