Monday, February 22, 2010

the day is done.

Maeve is in her room. Sleeping? Nah. But her bath has been given, stories have been read, she is confined and that makes me pleased. Henry is swinging next to me (fussing) but not to the point where he needs to be bounced around the house (although I'm sure his grunts and little fusses will turn into full out screams very shortly). I am beat. The only reason I'm blogging right now is because Ryan is out shoveling snow and he promised me a back rub. No way am I going to fall asleep without holding him up to that promise. Remember the previous posts about my "wants?" I forgot to mention I also WANT a back rub :)

I just thought since today was such a horrendous day here, I'd end it with this delightful thought that will indeed, leave ME with a smile on my face as I go to sleep tonight.

Tonight in the bath, Maeve and I were talking "names." She enjoys calling people by their first names. She is always calling for "RYYYYYANNN!" And she gets a kick out of calling me "Ash." Tonight we had an interesting conversation about her name:

Me: "What's your name?"

Maeve: "Maeve."

Me: "You're right! What's your middle name?"

Maeve: "Tinkerbell."


My sweet, sweet girl :) Even on tough days like today, I wouldn't wish to forget the day ever happened. That would mean I would have to forget the simple, beautiful things, like a bathtub conversation with my little Maeve Tinkerbell :)

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