Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Ready to Conquer!

I woke up this morning with a new, fresh outlook on life. I'm healthy. Ryan's healthy. My kids (minus Henry's excema which is really only a huge problem if it gets infected) are healthy. Life is good.

Breakfast was a minor success- Maeve ate a few of her eggies but wanted a cookie. I sternly said "no." And then let her pitch her hour long fit. All the while, I spent some time with my little man- trying desperately to ignore the screaming and kicking coming from the kitchen. After an hour (yes- it was really an hour before she calmed down) we took baths, got dressed and I made up the grocery list for the week. I gave Maeve a scheduled snack at ten (cookies were still on her mind but she settled with goldfish). We headed out the door around 11. Besides Henry blowing out his diaper, it was a really nice grocery trip! Tyson ready chicken is on sale this week for a mere 1.99/lb (that's 1.50 LESS the normal price)! I STOCKED UP!

Lunch was another success. Maeve ate a peanut butter & marshmallow fluff sandwich and I ate the remnants. GROSS. Nap time was good. Maeve slept, Henry slept, I slept. Good sleep all around :)

Around 4 we headed to the studio. I wanted to visit with some friends that I hadn't seen in awhile (due to vacations and busy schedules). It was nice to chat with some adults and let them pass around my kid :) Actually Laura, (midwife, Laura :) took Henry and held him for a good 45 minutes or so while I got to practice using my new lens. :) WAHOO!

2 things: 1- I LOVE my new lens. LOVE.IT.
2- I LOVE my midwife. LOVE HER! :)

We talked about putting in an IUD. And I think I'm going to go for it. Henry was a fab surprise and I can't fathom life without him... but I need to NOT be preggo for a couple of years :)

After taking some pics and talking Laura's ear off about the IUD, we headed home and it was up to me... to throw together a quick meal. I had been planning on making bruschetta- and believe it or not, I had never made it before. Thank goodness it was quick. and good. Leslie was over the other day and we were talking food- our obsession with feta cheese to be exact. She had given me her recipe for the brushcetta and it was just delicious :) I decided to fatten ours up a bit though and smothered the entire loaf with mozzarella cheese- because, ya know- feta cheese just wasn't enough... Anywho, it was great. I will definitely make it again... Here's a pic of the cheesy madness:

As for Henry's excema, its already looking better. THANK YOU LORD. After only one day on the steroid cream its less red and blistery-looking. WAHOO! As for his crankiness??? ummm... the jury is still out on that one.

I DO feel like I conquered today. And that makes me want to yell.... HALLELUJAH!!!! :)


Angie B said...

yay! i am happy for you! :) and just want to say i love reading your blogs :)

Sarah said...

I am getting an IUD put in too. I was planning on doing it three weeks ago, but my insurance changed and I have a HUGE deductable now :( But I found out there is an IUD study goin on in ann arbor for a new IUD that is JUST LIKE mirena. They have to do a study so it can get FDA approved. It has all the same effects as Mirena so its safe. Its free to get it put in, and they examin me a few times a year fro five years...sounds good to me!! I will be excited not to have to worry about forgetting to take a pill every day and not getting prego!! I think its a good idea for you to do it :) good luck