Tuesday, February 16, 2010

My Main Man.

It's been (nicely :) brought to my attention that Henry needs to star in some more posts and pictures. And I completely agree. Here's the sitch; I wear this baby 24/7. Okay, not really 24/7, but he's in my Moby quite a bit. And, like all of us mommas know, babies at this age (10 weeks) are kind of like blobs... CUTE blobs, but blobs. Does that sound mean? I hope not. I adore my blob :) But he's really not doing much of anything... no talking, no temper tantrums, no writing on the walls, no naked streaking (oh wait- he is naked a good amount of time but he does not streak-yet), no climbing on the table and tap dancing, you get the picture. MAEVE is the topic for most of my blog posts because she is what constitutes most of the activity going on around here.

HOWEVER, I love my blobby boy and I want to dedicate this post to him... my main man. :)

Henry Ryan...

-you love baths of any sort.
-you love to hear the water running.
-you love to feel the water on your back.
-showers are your thing (were you a fish in another life?... oh wait... you kind of were a tadpole at one point. :)

-if at any point I can't settle you down (which happens at least once a day) a sink bath or a shower will do the trick.
-you are smiley.
-you love my voice. And I love that.
-you're a tank. And unfortunately you've already earned the nickname "Hank the tank" and even more unfortunate than that, I kind of secretly like it :)
-if you ran this house, every light would be on, water would constantly be running and I'd always be using the blow dryer. You love those sounds and stimulation. Thank God you're not running the house (yet) because our utility bill would be astronomical.

-you wince when you hear Maeve's voice. Not kidding. It's like you KNOW you're about to have your legs pulled, your nukie stolen, your head patted (or hit).
-you're tough. Thank God. You've had your legs pulled, your nukie stolen, your head hit and very rarely cry.
-HOWEVER, you are extremely fussy. You fuss and fuss. and fuss. and fuss.
-you love to be held.
-you don't sleep- except for at night... which I guess is a good thing.
-you are gassy. You could open your own gas station! Poor kid...
-you stinky... you've got a lot of "nooks and crannies" (as Leslie calls them :) and "stuff" likes to get stuck in there. I am constantly digging junk out of your rolls.
-my favorite face you make is your "poop" face. I love it. You work so hard to make those stinky diapers.
-you pee on me at least once a week.
-I think you might be a soccer player- your right leg is ALWAYS kicking. You kick both legs- but you can really get that right foot up there.
-you have HORRIBLE excema (you can thank your dadda for that) It kills me to see it. It looks painful :(
-your cheeks feel like lizard skin... but they're still really kissable. And I kiss them. All day long.
-You have the tiniest butt. It's so disproportionate to your big "tank" body! :)
-you love your carseat. (YEA THANK YOU LORD!)
-you love the Moby.
-you have 3 different cries: 1-hungry cry. 2- annoyed cry (pick me up, change my dipe, etc.) and 3- hurt gassy cry (this is more of a fuss... we're told you have colic)
-you've already had pear and prune juice (because of your gas/pooping issues)
-you prefer the pear
-doc wants you on rice cereal next month. I am in disbelief at where the times gone.
-you have some super sharp nails and I hate trimming them because I always clip them too short.
-your super sharp nails also have super growing powers. They grow faster than weeds.
-your lower back is hairy like a monkey...
-you're such a boy. ;)

Henry I love you. You complete our family (for now ;). You've brought such a new dynamic to this house. You're going to be a great little brother and a terrific son. You've turned me from "anti-boy" into a baby boy loving fanatic! For months I was in disbelief that you were "created" and actually in my belly. Now I couldn't picture it any other way. Even on those days where you just aren't happy my friend, (and trust me- you have THOSE DAYS) I watch you sleeping peacefully next to me and fall even more in love with you. I wish I could trap you in this "baby state" forever... I'm not ready to let you roll or crawl, or walk, or run... I just want to cuddle, and feed you, watch you sleep... my sweet(stinky, hairy, fussy) boy :) I love you to the moon and back- and back again. and back...and back... and back...:)


Dominica said...

Aww....wook at him...This is one of my fav's. As a mom with a house full of men I can't untill Henry is up and running. lol I'm literally cracking up bc you'll see! Btw...He would look so cute in a crown.

Kase and Jules said...

He looks JUST like your hubby!! Cute post, he is a DOLL! Love him.

Marathon Mom said...

He's such a doll Ashley! FWIW- Have you tried the Aveeno Baby Eczema Cream at Target? Teague had it really bad as an infant, and that stuff worked even better than the prescription stuff!

Becky said...

i loved this post :) i can't wait to have more kids!

Leslie Collins said...

:) What a sweet little man. :)

I love nooks and crannies on babes. :)

Ang said...


LeeAnn Howard said...

Hes so cute! I look forward to seeing him on Monday. :) But Im sure seeing him will age my little guy quite a bit. :(

Becky said...
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