Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Please Forgive Her Lord.

While cooking dinner (crockpot dinner- so it was this morning that I was making it) Maeve ripped a few pages out of the Holy Book... our family Bible is now missing a few pages out of Job. Great.

Also, my once, very complacent, peaceful, content baby Henry has now turned into a fussing, uncomfortable little bear! HOLY WOW- this kid cannot be put down... so this is now how I look most of the days.

Sorry for the dorky shots- its EXTRA hard to take a self pic with a giant baby protruding from your chest/abdomen

I fold laundry, play with Maeve, cook dinner, do dishes, you name it with my THIRTEEN pounder slinged to my back. I feel like one of those African women who have their babies bundled to their bodies 24/7 and their boobs hanging out. No I don't walk around naked, but I do have my breasts out quite a bit thanks to my little fats :) I feel PREGNANT again carrying him around- talk about back aches! But now that I've found the secret to calming him WITHOUT nursing him 24/7 I need to invest in a better sling. The Peanut Shell is good for little spurts of carrying him- NOT good for constant carrying. I'm looking into the Moby.


The Paulk's said...

Riley would rip out pages and destroy any book in sight...except her little Bible. She sleeps with it almost every night and has for probably a year and that thing is still in MINT condition, I think it's funny how well she takes care of it! AND I remember carrying Riley ALL. THE. TIME. just like that and it got frustrating. Hope he gets a little better and hopefully it's just a stage he's going through!

Kase and Jules said...

Girl get a babyhawk mei tai. I am SERIOUS. They are amazing and it feels like you are carrying a 5 pounder instead of a 15 pounder :)

Sarah said...

I bought a sling just like that but she looks all squished and not comfortable in it...does Henry??

dominica517 said...

Hey lemme know how your thing with the sling is going...I must figure out something for Fatty! He's over 15 pounds and I'm scared to put him in a sling. I know it's my own fault because I held him all the time but I need my hands free.