Tuesday, January 12, 2010

The Day Has Come.

She did it. She climbed out of her crib- and landed on her feet this time. I have been dreading this day more than any other. More than potty training, more than taking the paci away, more than her first day at school (well her first day at school... will probably be at home since I am still gung-ho on homeschooling). But you get the idea- I've been living in FEAR of it. Maeve- out of her crib- at her own free will. Roaming the house. SCARY.

Here's the thing- ******so far***** she's been fairly good. At nap time, I put her in her crib and she immediately climbed out as soon as I shut the door. I went back in, put her back in the crib and left. Again, she was out within a second. I opened the door and she was sitting on the floor, quietly reading books. I thought to myself, "Well, I guess this is what naptimes are now- reading books and being quiet for an hour or so." Not more than five minutes passed and I opened the door to check on her again and she had climbed in her crib and was snoozing away. WHAT a sweets :)

I will have to update tomorrow on her first night in her BIG GIRL bed goes.

For now, here are some pics of Miss Maeve before bedtime.
(she was thrilled, to say the least to have a "new" bed)

I'm planning a trip to Target tomorrow to pick up some toddler bedding! AHHH!

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