Monday, January 11, 2010

Wahoo! Here' we go again!

It's that FABULOUS time of year when my mom treats my kids and I to a great little vacay! We're planning on going to Florida the first week of Feb. (the 2nd-8th) and I am THRILLED. I need some warmth!!! This year is super special because its my moms 50th birthday. To celebrate we're going to.......... DISNEY! haha... who could've guessed, right?? We're staying at the Polynesian for a night or two and taking Maeve to the Magic Kingdom. That's right folks- Maeve and I (& Henry) will be going to Disney in Feb. AND in April... even I am thinking that's a bit of a Disney overload. But that is ALL my mom wants for her birthday- a trip to Disney with her grand kids. Who am I to say no? ;) We'll of course be with my grandma the whole time too which will be great. She doesn't ride the rides anymore so I'm thinking she will have a lot of bonding time with the H man while my mom and I take Maeve on the attractions.

This will be my 3rd consecutive trip in Jan/Feb. with just my mom & Maeve- and now I am excited to bring along my little man with us! It should be a great break from this gross, cold weather. And its always fun to have some girl time- after all, it's FOUR generations of women getting together- how special is that??? :)

Now the countdown begins... I'm not sure what I'm more excited about- the warm weather or being able to pull out a bunch of Maeve and Henry's cute summer stuff for them to wear! YEEEE-HAAAAAW!


Jessica Perry said...

Get out!! Disney in April made me jealous in February too...SO LUCKY!!!

Dominica said...

Cool! I've been wondering when is the appropriate age to take your children to Disney. I guess it doesn't matter. I just want them to remember that time, My mother says she took me and I'm like you did? Plus it's hard to find people to travel with.
That's awesome that four generations are going. Do you already have a four generation portrait? I'm sure you do-crazy picture lady!