Friday, January 29, 2010

winner, winner, CHICKEN DINNER! :)

The RANDOM NUMBER GENERATOR results are in.... and the winners are:

Congrats winners!!! Facebook me your addy's and your goodies will be in the mail soon :)

BUT... I was feeling so FLOWERY and creative that I decided to include an EXTRA surprise along with your flower clip...

Check 'em out:
Leslie chose pink & brown with some polka dots thrown in there.

Les, I couldn't just make a flower clip for Reyna- with all of Ruby's beautiful hair, she most definitely needed one too! :)

Sarah chose pink and purple:

(again... couldn't leave little sis out! So she gets a mini version of Tessa's flower clip :)

And Karen chose yellow & orange:

Karen- I totally would've made you 2 flower clips as well, but I don't think Russ would allow one in Benns hair ;)

SOOOOOOOOOOOO there ya go!


deverna2004 said...

ashley those are so awesome!! love them!!

Leslie Collins said...

OMG!!! LOVE It. :) Thank you, thank you. :) I am facebooking you now.

Russ and Karen Gaston said...

YEAY!!! I LOVE it. Cannot thank you enough. The bow holder is perfect! And how appropriate?!? If you want I can just come pick it up instead of you having to mail it. Let me know what works best for you. Thank you again, you really have a gift!

Angela said...

Those are amazing Ash! I am more and more impressed with my bestie all the time. I just love you! I saw your message about the party. So sad you can't make it, but definitely understand that the bug needs her mommy. I did put up a tribute to you and our friendship on my walls that I was hoping you could see (I know I sound psycho, but I swear I'm not). I am going to take pics anyway so you can see them that way, or you can come visit me another time :)

Ashley said...

ang I just love you too. And I might put up a tribute to you and our friendship on my walls. :) Ryan might think its strange but what's new? I'm sure he can't think its any stranger than me showing him the stitch that fell out of me one morning while going to the bathroom... :)

Kase and Jules said...

Amazing!!!!! You are so crafty my friend....if only I had a girl lol.

Dominica said...

haha I'm such a fatty I thought this post had a chicken recipe or give-away on here smh lol