Thursday, November 5, 2009

Oh The Excitement!!! :)

I have been waiting and waiting and waiting to post about this... I wanted to make sure it was FINAL and confirmed. And last night... we OFFICIALLY BOOKED OUR SPRING BREAK TRIP TO DISNEY WORLD!!!! YEAHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!

Ryan and I have been talking for weeks (maybe even months?) about what to do for spring break. I of course have been pushing Disney World but Ryan was a little bit hesitant to go that route because he thought it would be suuuuuper expensive. After a lot of convincing, I had Ryan call a Disney vacay rep. who helped us plan a vacation for our budget. And surprisingly (to both of us) the vacation package that was put together was cheaper than our normal St.Augustine vacation that we take. SO... after lots of talking about it, we BOOKED it last night! I am so incredibly excited!! I told Ryan the entire time during labor I'm going to focus on walking through Cinderella's castle with BOTH of my kiddos :)

The great thing about booking a Disney vacation is there is ONE bill- not a bunch of tiny ones to different places. When we go to St.Augustine, we have to book separate hotels (we stay in the city for a few days and then at the beach for a few), none of our activities can be pre-paid for and of course food is pay by the meal. But with Disney, we were able to book our room, transportation (which is free by the way!), meals, and of course the tickets ALL IN ONE BILL. And its so nice to know that we don't need to go down there with this budget or a ton of extra money because everything (down to drinks!) is already paid for.

Anyways, we're super excited- all 3 of us- after booking the vacay last night, I logged on to and Maeve, Ryan and I watched some of the videos they had on the site. Maeve was in awe and kept saying "Disney FUN!!" haha I've taught her well! So now the countdown begins... about 5 months to go... I can almost see Main Street USA! :)

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