Wednesday, November 4, 2009

36/37 week appt.

Well... weird stuff going on here. Hallelujah- I lost 4 lbs. YEA!!! I know all the weight fluctuation is just water but its still fun to see the scale go DOWN for a change! We talked a lot about my headaches and weird vision things that are going on... and then the doc checked my reflexes. My legs SHOT up off of the table. So he checked them probably 5 more times, and each time they did the same thing. I wasn't sure what was going on because the whole time he was checking them he didn't say a word. Finally he said "your reflexes are a little hyper." I still have no clue what that means (I'm about to google it :) . I am 37 weeks- lets get this baby OUT.
I declined getting my cervix checked even though I've been having a TON of contractions AND I had some pink spotting over the past few days... I was just worried I'd be like a half a centimeter and my cervix would still be hard- I know I'd be so discouraged. So we'll have a cervical check next week.

After my appointment I waddled down to the lab to get my blood work done. Now, this is probably the 20th time during this pregnancy that I've had blood taken. But like I said, weird things are happening- this time when she pulled the needle out my blood literally started SPEWING out- it was disgusting!!! The lab tech put the cotton ball on and then made me sit there for 15 minutes because it would NOT quit bleeding! I have never in my life had that happen to me. Yuck- it was gross and kind of scary.

We'll see what my blood work yields- I'll keep you all updated!


Kase and Jules said...

Crazy Ash!! This has been a wild pregnancy for you. I am so glad it's almost over! Can't wait to see baby boy and finally know his name LOL.

Sarah said...

I just looked up reeclampsia and you have a lot of the symptoms. High BP, swelling, headaches, hightened reflexes....I wouls ask the doc if they have not already looked into it. Usually bed rest for that or delevery :)

Ashley said...

yeah sarah- they've been all over it... I've been going once a week now for about a month b/c of it. And I've gotten soooooooooo much blood work and urine stuff done. They tell me that they're watching it... I told dr. p today "just don't let me have seizures!" he laughed and said "we don't like you to have those either."