Friday, November 6, 2009

A Fabulous Friday.

Fridays are always great :) But today I got a call from my doc saying ALL is GOOD and WELL with my blood work! PHEW what a relief! Thinking all of those scary thoughts for the past few nights has definitely kept me up. Hopefully I can rest good tonight. ONE more week until I have my membranes stripped... TWO more weeks until I start begging for an induction! haha :)

On a totally different note, Kohls is having a power sale (or something like that...) and I started some early Christmas shopping this morning. How exciting! :) They have an extra 20% ALL of their toys! Combined with my $5.00 email coupons, I got some awesome deals! I bought the baby a few rattles, teethers/shaker type things & one of those Playskool baseball toys (its for 6 months & up BUT I couldn't let Maeve have EVERYTHING under the tree!) Maeve's loot this morning included a Sleeping Beauty Barbie, one of those "Fur-real" duckling things (she is OBSESSED with this thing- she plays with it in every store we go to- she loves giving it its bottle..cute) a Melissa & Doug Alphabet puzzle and a Disney Princess Aquadoodle that hangs on her wall.

I think I've talked before about my crazy goal of shopping the day after Thanksgiving (I STILL have that goal in mind!!! I'm really, truly planning on going!) but if for some reason I'm in the hospital ON that day, I figured I better get SOME shopping done before baby comes. My mom thinks I'm completely crazy but she said she'll come over early morning and watch the kiddo(s) if I am seriously going to shop at 5 AM. Yes mom, I am. :)

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